Locke-d and Loaded: Young & Restless Needs a Sexy Villain — Can We *Please* Keep Ashland Locke?

March 8 - 12

Ashland, Victoria, Tara, Kyle Y&R

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Young and the Restless is improving but there’s still a sense of wanting the drama we *do* get to be somehow bigger or better. I miss being totally shocked or crying my eyes out. Thoughts on the week…

Playing With Fire

Chelsea’s not the only one “playing with fire” when it comes to Adam, as Sharon can’t seem to sever that connection. After calling him to meet in person over the mementos that went missing, his remark about Victor being his only supporter seemed to bother her. Meanwhile, it quickly became evident that Chelsea was likely behind the missing figurine and tray, given she asked Chloe to hang onto a bag of curious items that same day. I did wonder why Chelsea is going to all this trouble when Chloe could simply have Kevin load her up in the family mini-van and truck her out of there? Anyway, with Sharon worrying Faith is bi-polar because of it and Rey suffering an attack of some sort after that throwdown of a therapy session, things are only getting worse and this is not going to end well when it all comes out in the wash. Love it.

Fix It or Forget It

I’ve seen a lot of comments on how boring Billy and Lily have become. For me, their sexy banter works, but as with Phyllis and Nick, no matter how well that element clicks, it’s going to get old fast if that’s all they do. It’s like Y&R doesn’t know what to do with a couple once they put them together and give them jobs, or vice-versa. They need to come up with imaginative conflict that will engage viewers and keep things interesting.

Odd but Funny

I was confused about Kyle and Summer hanging around in the lobby of Grand Phoenix knowing Ashland and Tara Locke were about to arrive at any minute. Did Kyle want to run into him? Anyway, Locke blowing into the hotel and assuming Kyle was the bellhop made for an appropriate, and funny, entrance. Locke’s meetings were pretty low-key as far as his big bad reputation, but I guess, as Tara previewed, we’ll see his other side when someone pisses him off.

Can We Keep Him?

Victoria’s presence in the Cyaxares intrigue made it more interesting, although I’m not a fan of the narrative that she’s pursuing a media company right after selling one because of her issues with Adam, Victor, and Billy. Aside from that, I’m anticipating some personal fallout for Victoria after confessing she’s still in love with her ex, and maybe a hook up with sexy, powerful Ashland Locke. I mean, did you feel the frisson between them? More importantly, Young & Restless *needs* a villain that’s not afraid to be evil. Can we keep him, pleeze?!

Shoes Schmooze

Sally cozying up to Tara nearly gave Kyle a panic attack and was a solid beat to play after the Lockes rolled into town.

Meanwhile, Sally keeps asking Jack about Kyle, all the while knowing exactly what’s going on with him, not to mention being part of the reason he’s sweating. This could definitely come back to bite her. Jack kissed Sally this week and the reactions from Kyle and Summer were spot on and good for a laugh. However, the kiss coming on the heels of Jack’s reveal that he delivered Summer when she was born was kinda’ cringe-y.

Confession Session

I was looking forward to more drama in Devon’s love life after his confession session with Abby. I was so hoping he was going over there to say his life is too complicated to be her sperm donor. Ah well. Anyway, more drama came in the form of another couch romp with Elena. And with that, Devon is no longer in a position to judge her for cheating since he’s cheating on Amanda. This is more heavy messy than fun messy, but I’ll take it. In related commentary, what happens with Nate now?

Stranger Danger

Faith chatting with this anonymous person and asking to meet up with him in person feels like it could be leading somewhere absolutely terrifying. Either she’s being lured by a predator — we’ve predicted she’ll end up in peril — or there will be a surprising end to it, where it turns out to be someone trying to support her without her knowing it’s them.

That’s Just Dumb

* How is it that Adam came down the stairs, walked right past Chelsea, and stood across the room from her (all before finally turning away to take Sharon’s call) and did not see her standing?

* Phyllis lives and breathes the Grand Phoenix, yet wasn’t there to welcome the most high-profile guest they’ve possibly ever had — Ashton Locke?! While we’re on the subject, why would a mega-mogul stay in a hotel where he wasn’t offered a penthouse suite and hold high-level business meetings in his room?!

* How did Billy find out that Victoria was bidding on Cyaxares but not the all-knowing, all-seeing Victor Newman? I guess Victoria no longer reports to the Newman board, of which he’s a part, when making a major acquisition? Make it make sense.

* Why was the clout of Chancellor Industries never mentioned in Billy’s pitch? It sounds as though Lily and Billy created a start-up on their own.

*How does anyone have the number to the new phone Nick gave Faith, let alone someone who knows what’s going on with her? There’s going to be some explaining to do.

That’s my take, please share your thoughts on Young & Restless below. On your way to comment, take a peek at photos of recurring bits that tickle soap fans over and over.


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