Young & Restless’ ‘Locke Ness Monster’ Is Poised to Devour the Canvas… but Can the Big Bad Possibly Live up to the Hype?

March 1 - 5

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Young & Restless’ has definitely stepped it up with their ability to tease the return of good soap. However, they still lack follow-through, and in more than a few cases still seem hopelessly out of touch with their audience. Plus, we’re still seeing the drama we do get playing out within the space of two weeks. Here’s hoping for continued improvement and big things when Ashland Locke rolls into town.

Chelsea’s Revenge

In the aftermath of Shadam’s kiss they’re playing some strong familial beats with Faith, Nick, and Sharon — particularly Sharon explaining her complicated feelings for Adam to her daughter at long last. Watching Sharon and Rey do couple’s therapy is hardly going to be ‘must-see TV’, but I did get a chuckle out of her “WTF?” reaction to him suggesting it. Especially since she’s a therapist and pushing the idea to Faith. The prospects for continued drama in this storyline mostly surround Chelsea at this point, who is becoming more unhinged by the second and who is capable of anything. I can’t help but relish the idea of her hiding her progress to mess with Sharon and Adam, which would be amazingly soapy.

Feeling Deflated

Devon’s chemistry with both women in his life is a real boon to Young & Restless. However, I can’t help but feel like the air was let out of the quadrangle’s storyline somewhat with Devon suddenly wanting to give Abby a baby. After the red-hot cheating scandal and Elena sleeping with both Nate and Devon in the same 24-hour period not once, but twice, it’s disappointing that the drama hasn’t skyrocketed in this story. Instead of a ‘Who’s the Daddy?’ plot twist, we’re back to stalling with conversation. It’s yet another plot that’s been allowed to fizzle rather than sizzle.

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Doing Too Much

Abby wants Teriah in the Chancellor Estate and if we’ve learned anything, it’s that she always gets her way. I can’t imagine why anyone would agree to live with Abby, who is always doing too much, let alone knowing she’s going to be hyper-focused on your every move. Listen, I love that the powers that be are still using Katherine’s house and we’re seeing Nina and Jill, but the surrogacy storyline is both offensive and wildly unpopular. What irony that in a sea of plots that peak inside of two weeks, this one seems never-ending.

Hip With the Trends

Phyllis zeroing in on Sally is giving many Young & Restless fans life; it’s been a long while seen we’ve seen a rivalry with this kind of potential on the soap. If only they would let Sally go after Nick instead of Jack. This is where it gets frustrating watching the writers bypass a plot twist full of possibilities in favor of something less appealing. While we’re on the subject, a word of advice: if they’re trying to get viewers on board with Sally and Jack, it might be best to stay away from scenes such as the one this week where Sally surprised him with a new jacket, which came off as a young woman trying to get her granddad hip to the latest trends.

Say What?!

It’s unbelievable how fast Kyle’s secret came out to Summer. At the rate we’re going, Ashland Locke will have tanked a subsidiary of Jabot and Kyle will have joint custody of Harrison by the end of next week. What happened to playing the beats and drawing out the reveal of a spectacularly juicy secret to its full advantage? That said, I’m psyched for the arrival of Ashland Locke in Genoa City. As for Summer finding out about Harrison, the scenes were very fraught and well-acted, but again, there was so much drama that could have been milked before Summer simply got on board. Summer going to Phyllis for advice on Sally, and Kyle’s situation, has been terrific though. Summer’s stunned reaction to her mother advising her not to unlock Kyle’s phone and get the dirt was all of us. “Say what?!”

Snarky Friday

I truly enjoyed ‘snarky Friday’ what with Summer and Sally going a round at the hotel, and Lily and Victoria also having a run-in. As all of that was happening, Adam and Victor were forming an alliance — a change in dynamic I can absolutely get behind — and by the end of the episode we had three parties vying for Cyraxares, which was intriguing as well. Suddenly a lot of upcoming drama is centered around the “Locke-Ness Monster.” I’m desperately hoping Locke will live up to the hype and that the writers will make the most of it in every way.

That’s Just Dumb

* Why did everyone connected to the storyline instantly see the photo of Adam and Sharon kissing online except Chloe?

* Why bring back the inimitable Gloria Fisher to have her do absolutely nothing and never have her interact with her boys, Kevin and Michael, which is the very definition of entertaining?

* Why would Sally stay in a hotel belonging to a person who is gunning for her? And why would Phyllis bring Sally’s laptop down to the lobby to snoop on it where anyone could — and did — see her?!

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below.


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