Sharon and Adam’s Kiss on Young & Restless Dialed Up the Intensity Both OnScreen *and* Off

February 15 - 19

Sharon, Adam, kiss Y&R

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The Young and the Restless has had its highs and lows as February Sweeps continues, with the Shadam kiss and Kyle’s secret leading the way when it comes to drama, and some romance thrown in for Valentine’s Day.

Three Ticking Time Bombs

Let’s Talk
Uh oh, drama ahead… Amanda and Devon took things to the next level in some sweet and sexy scenes but he didn’t tell her he’d slept with Elena in the interim, so while the secret wasn’t a big deal in essence, the omission will undoubtedly be an issue. Meanwhile, Elena is taking time to think about what she really wants after her oops moment and confession in Manzanilla. Here’s hoping the process is complicated by unexpected pregnancy news. That brings us to the unsavory topic of Devon having Abby and Chance’s reproduction issues on his mind. We can all see where this is headed given that Abby needs a sperm donor, and that comes with a lot to unpack. Watch for an in-depth article on this coming soon.

A Haunted Man
When Kyle began telling Summer the secret from his past I was disappointed they weren’t going to keep it looming, so it was kind of a relief that he chose not to tell her he may have a son (even though it’s one more thing that will come back to haunt him). So, now we have something hanging over him — and them — and the beats are being played, which is delivering soapy goodness. That said, there’s still concern it will move too fast as we’ve had so many stories with potential fizzle out within a few weeks. Now that the role of Tara Locke has been cast we can only wait to see how it plays out. What do you think will happen?

That Kiss
Whew! That Sharon and Adam kiss was something and it’s about to become a whole lotta something else when it gets out. It increasingly feels as though a Shadam reunion is inevitable, and love it or hate it, the possibility has undeniably dialed up the show’s intensity both on-screen and off as fans debate the controversial pairing. While it’s unclear how it will play out, it’s interesting to note the clues, such as various characters mentioning Sharon being unhinged when it comes to Adam. Mariah attacking Sharon over the situation felt over-the-top, but other scenes, such as Rey opening up to Lola, were on point. I got a kick out of Chelsea’s thoughts during Nick’s visit, which made the otherwise standard scenes hilarious.

Donor Groaner

Abby sitting around the mansion looking up sperm donors while Chance is off on some mission that could get him killed just feels absurd. The silver lining was that we got to see Nina and there was a Ronan mention. Sigh. See a gallery of Young & Restless characters we miss, which includes Nina’s son.

Bill Comes Out to Play

Bill Spencer’s appearance in Genoa City made for some fun scenes with Jack and Lauren, as they teased Don Diamont’s Young & Restless past as the late Brad Carlton. While his appearance didn’t do much to drive Sally’s story, I felt a ripple of excitement when Sally warned Summer about doing business with him. Did it leave anyone else wishing Bill would expand Spencer Publications into Wisconsin? In related commentary, while the Sally and Summer rivalry is a boon, I’d love to see Sally and Phyllis battle it out after watching those scenes with the redheads and Nick!

Valentine’s Day

While this Valentine’s Day wasn’t the most exciting or sexy one on record, the celebrations capitalized on shared moments surrounding the exchange of gifts, which wasn’t a bad thing. Unsurprisingly, the holiday had its ups and downs. Sharon was all over the place emotionally, and Victoria’s interruption of Billy and Lily’s celebration didn’t go quite as she perhaps hoped it would, given that the kids sent a nice card for Lily, and Billy later called her out for not wanting him to move on. After a nice moment with Nate, Elena made it clear to Devon that they weren’t spending Valentine’s Day together — right in front of him. Awkward! Phyllis and Nick’s celebration was appropriately low key given Faith was on his mind, and Devon spent his Valentine’s Day talking about Abby’s need for a baby. Egad.

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