Young & Restless’ Sexiest, Most Dramatic Scenes Are Imaginary — Why Can’t We Get Some *Real* Messiness?

January 18 - 22

Adam, Sharon, Devon, Elena dreams Y&R

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Young & Restless might really be onto something if they let the things that go down in characters’ imaginations and dreams actually happen in their real lives. How smouldering was that Sharon and Adam kiss Chelsea pictured? And Elena’s sex fantasy about Devon? Thoughts on the week:

*Many aren’t thrilled about the idea of a Victoria/Billy/Lily triangle and with good reason. As much as I enjoy the angle that Lily has Victoria’s number and is unbothered, I hate that this is a regression for Victoria. Plus, who turns down a trip to Hawaii because they want to keep tabs on their ex-husband?

* Chelsea staring out of that wheelchair got old after two days so I’m glad they’ve added in her thoughts. I’m actually getting a kick out of her fuming away imagining the worst about Sharon and Adam, while all signs point to a clueless Adam making everything ten times worse by bringing Sharon in to counsel Chelsea believing she needs psychological help. Maybe Chelsea will be extra motivated to regain mobility so she can stand up and slap the stupid out of him. Hehe.

* As badly as I want this Faith drinking storyline to be something amazing it’s not getting there yet. Watching Faith texting and every so often yelling at someone isn’t enough. Sharon and Nikki sharing scenes is always entertaining though. Nikki, as always, got in her dig: “So you called the family alcoholic.” Awesome.

* I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone at Young & Restless thinks viewers are on the edge of their seats over Abby’s fertility issues. An entire Abby-centric episode is a confounding idea. I suppose we should be thankful it wasn’t another one about Adam or Billy — and it wasn’t awful — but the storyline is too predictable to have anyone feeling much beyond sympathy.

Once again, the acting in this episode made all the difference — kudos to Melissa Ordway, and a shout out to Michelle Stafford as well. Phyllis’ expressions as Abby lost it in her lobby were hilarious, as was her telling Victor, “I comped it.” And after Abby accused her of summoning Victor: “I didn’t call him. We don’t talk.” The delivery of that line cracked me up.

* The writing for Elena is all over the place. One minute she’s keen to set up house with Nate and the next she’s having a sex dream about Devon. She’s never really stopped fantasizing about a reunion with Devon, but she also appears to genuinely be into Nate, so it’s… confusing. Perhaps it’s because from what we know of Elena it’s not in her nature to be this messy. But maybe she actually is, and if so, I’m here for it. With Devon asking Amanda out on a date (how sweet was he in those scenes?!) they’ll need roadblocks, and an ex who can’t let Devon go, is involved with his cousin, and who is also friendly with Amanda, will certainly do the trick.

* Victor being a supportive dad to Adam and Abby gives us a change of pace, but I miss Cutthroat Victor — and Cutthroat Victor having a storyline — a lot. See photos of Victor Newman through the years in Genoa City.

* So, Summer got her dirt on Sally from Flo just as Sally managed to hit a high note in her job with Lauren. This ups the stakes a bit at least. Sally telling Jack he’s handsome and encouraging him to put her on speed dial had me cringing. What are they going to do have a Sally/Jack/Gloria triangle? Egad. Speaking of Gloria, I love that she’s back in town and has Kevin making those faces again. Let the fun begin.

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below.

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