Imani Blew Into Amanda’s Story and Left Us Wanting More — Plus, a Juicy Secret May Threaten One Young & Restless Couple

January 4 - 8

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It’s no secret that Young & Restless has been a hot mess, but things took a turn at some point in the week, which ended on an encouraging high note. There were actually things to enjoy, that made us feel, and most importantly, made us want to tune in again next week.

* I always rooted for Sally when she was on Bold & Beautiful; she was an underdog with heart. But as written on Young & Restless she comes off as a two-faced user and an interloper who is looking to usurp an established character’s position. Why would anyone unfamiliar with the character be Team Sally? And what fun is a one-sided rivalry? It would have been prudent to have fleshed out Sally’s character properly on Y&R before plunging into a crossover event that’s only designed to make her look even less sympathetic. Aside from the novelty of characters from the sister soap interacting, there’s not a lot here to spark excitement.

* Victor helping Adam out was a genuine feelgood moment (more please!) but the ensuing confrontations between Adam and Nick, and Adam and Billy have become so repetitive that I almost tune them out at this point. Frankly, the whole Adam Against the World theme needs a rest. Watching Chelsea stare at him out of a wheelchair isn’t exactly must see viewing either.

* I’m really hoping Billy’s latest epiphany about Adam sticks. It’s time for something different. Billy and Lily continue to be entertaining as a couple and seem to be steadily gaining new fans. I think it’s the combination of great chemistry, sexy banter, and enough challenges to keep them from being boring. They come off very natural as well, which is a big difference between them and some of the other current pairings (*cough* Abby and Chance *cough*). In related commentary, the tension on the Abbott jet was something else. Young & Restless fan, Franco, had the same thought I did about what might ensue, and it’s about time this came out. Nothing better than a juicy soap secret…

* Phyllis and Victoria sparring was fun to watch. They each gave as good as they got and it was believable. I’ve long been wanting to see Kevin out of the sitcom and back into the scheming because it never disappoints. Kevin calling Victoria over to catch up, was classic sneaky Kevin. I ate up Kevin’s scenes with Phyllis as they fell into their old rhythm. The expressions on his face as Phyllis got super excited to get the dirt on Victoria and buttered him up to join in her plot were amazing. When he deadpanned, “You’re scary when you get like this,” it felt like all was right with the Young & Restless world for a minute. Looking forward to Gloria’s upcoming return too.

* It’s been hard to tell how sure Elena was about her feelings for Nate but things clicked into place better this week with her having closure with Devon during their conversation in the coffee house — and in her bedroom scenes with Nate. For the first time since that fateful night in the clinic they made me feel something was between them, and they were sexy and playful, which is always a plus. Elena taking the video of Nate was fun, and can we talk about how fine Nate looks in a towel?!

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* Mishael Morgan had been making me feel for Amanda at every turn, and then, boom — things really got good when Imani blew in. Once Amanda’s shock wore off she stood up to her half-sister’s strong personality quite nicely. She then ranted to Devon about the situation right after he remarked to Lily how much he missed Hilary’s passionate nature — coincidence? I think not. Spending time with Amanda has also had him thinking of Hilary, which makes perfect sense. Anyway, Amanda next turned up at Naya’s door demanding an audience with the woman — and got it. For the first time in a long while, I was left feeling like I couldn’t wait to see what happens next.

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