Desperately Seeking Young & Restless — Plus, Victoria’s Dirty Deed, the Chancellor Estate Sitcom, and the *Nate Date*

December 7 - 11

Victoria, Abby, Chance, Elena Y&R

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Well, we’re back to no drama on The Young and the Restless, which is dry and barely recognizable as a soap opera. Characters aren’t supposed to go around engaging in polite disagreements and being civil. There is meant to be high stakes storylines involving twists and shocking developments. Sigh.

Talking Points of the Week

* I love Lauren and Jack continuing to be involved in the developing rivalry between Summer and Sally, and enjoyed the scenes with the opening salvos between the two as Sally dropped Kyle’s name after Theo told her he’s Summer’s kryptonite. Of course, we can all see this is headed toward a Sally, Kyle, Summer triangle, which could be good, but is also predictable. There are so few unexpected twists and surprises on Young & Restless that it contributes to the overall lackluster state of the show. See photos of Sally and characters who have crossed over to other soaps.

* Abby and Chance returned home from their honeymoon to the Chancellor mansion and straight into a comedy surrounding Chloe’s baby. It made for a couple of cute scenes, and I realized for the umpteenth time how much I’ll miss Justin Gaston when he’s gone, but yeah… the prospect of watching Abby and Chance rattle around in the mansion by themselves waxing on about the family they’re going to start holds little appeal. Esther leaving the estate is as tragic as the manse becoming the set of a sitcom — I can only imagine what Katherine would say.

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* Elena’s Nate date was cute but why aren’t these situations playing out like these characters are on an actual soap opera? Devon walks in, everyone cringes, and he walks back out. Really?! Where is the conflict? Everyone is too damn polite and civil.

* Victoria making a dirty play against Phyllis was nothing if not soapy. That said, I wasn’t holding out much hope for the rivalry to really pick up steam and figured Nick would step in and buy the hotel because where else could it go? So, while he didn’t buy it, he gave Phyllis the money to do it, which resulted in a hollow victory that she couldn’t enjoy in the end. While it’s karma for Red given her history, I felt for her. It didn’t seem to make Victoria too happy either.

* Theo’s exit storyline and the barely-concealed attempts to get viewers to turn on the character haven’t succeeded and have damaged other characters, such as the Abbotts, in the process. At this point, the best case scenario would be for Theo to take Sally’s advice and slink off to Paris, thus leaving the possibility of a return given the untapped potential.

* The latest installment of the Chelsea and Adam chronicles is leaving me unmoved. They’ve been overexposed and a storyline where they’re planning to leave town for the millionth time and repeating the very same lines they spoke to each other the last time they planned to leave Genoa City is uninspired to put it kindly. As for Chelsea’s aneurysm, her emotional scenes thinking about Connor after learning of her condition resonated, but again, the writing isn’t making me feel this is truly dire; it’s just a reason to keep them in town.

* Billy and Amanda are really having a time of it trying to work together. First she nearly dropped his case after finding out he lied to her and the police, then he fired her for wanting him to consider taking the deal. At least it’s halfway interesting watching them figure it out. I’m most intrigued, however, by the prospect of Lily and Billy doing their own investigation, mainly because it gives them something to do and there’s always the possibility something unexpected will happen. That said, aside from learning the identity of the eyewitness, at this point, the story lacks suspense. At least we got some decent Victor/Victoria and Victor/Lily scenes out of it this week (because everyone assumes he’s the one setting up Billy Boy Abbott), and Michael’s involvement is a huge plus. I was sorry to see Jill go again.

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* Faith’s teen rebellion has gone nowhere and she’s become just another person talking about Adam. Disappointing. As for Sharon, for someone who claims they don’t want to spend any more time on Adam, she’s awfully concerned about him. She’s living in a state of denial with her wedding fast approaching.

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