Sally’s Arrival Was a Breath of Fresh Air — But Theo’s Impending Exit Stinks

November 2 - 6

Sally, Theo Y&R

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The Young and the Restless regressed a little this week where the action to talking ratio is concerned; I want to be riveted and feeling things, not working to keep my attention from drifting. To change things up, I’m focusing on the best and worst as we work our way into November Sweeps.

Best of the week

* From the moment Sally appeared in the doorway at Jabot her presence upped the energy level of the show and it cannot be understated how badly this is needed as the soap tends to verge on the lethargic at times. After Sally’s next scenes, we were intrigued to find out she knew Theo from New York, and were thrilled that she had a connection to the underused and very-much-missed Lauren Fenmore. Sally cemented her place in Genoa City by accepting a job, but clearly the designer has more in mind than being an assistant and I can’t wait to see her in feisty and independent mode as she takes on whatever, or whoever, stands in her way. All in!

* Just as I was about to throw in the towel on Faith’s underwhelming teen rebellion story, she showed up in heels, lipstick, and a low-cut dress. She followed that up with a fabulous couple of scenes unleashing on Adam, and last we saw, her older friend Jordan was offering her what will most likely turn out to be drugs in the park. More of this please!

Worst of the week

* The worst Young & Restless development didn’t even happen onscreen, but was the announcement by Tyler Johnson that his run as Theo was coming to an end. Not only was the character brought in as a member of a legacy family, the Brooks, which was not capitalized on, but the potential of an intriguing character with both cojones and vulnerabilities, was squandered. The beauty that was Theo turning Dina’s memorial into a party is a case in point of what he brings to the table. Worse still, it leaves the canvas down a man in the younger age bracket, with the lone remaining male, Kyle, behaving so petty and pouty that it’s very tough to root for him. The writing for both of these guys has been so inconsistent it’s a travesty. If Theo’s as bad as Kyle periodically decides he is, why were they ever best friends? It makes no sense, and the loss of a character with so much potential when it’s sorely needed left me and many Young & Restless fans disappointed and bewildered by the move.

* Much as when they did this same routine with Billy, delving relentlessly into Adam’s psyche is a tad exhausting, and while it qualifies as drama, and the acting is brilliant, watching someone pace and battle his inner self for weeks while everyone else in town talks about him is just… too much. That said, it appears some breakthrough moments may be coming that will bring things to a head and perhaps change the game.

Everything else

* I’m totally into no f***s to give Victoria, because it’s such a refreshing change that she isn’t backing down and making nice with her father and falling back into the old patterns. New twists and dynamics keep things fresh and watchable…

* Chelsea’s kidnapping added some tension but she’d work a million times better as a shifty con artist wreaking havoc than with this current lukewarm reformed/misunderstood character.

* If I have to hear Abby tell one more person how she’s blissfully happy with Chance and how they’re going to make babies I’ll scream. Abby was at her best in the days of the Naked Heiress and hi-jinks with Daniel — the offspring of Ashley Abbott and one Victor Newman should never have become this vanilla and boring… Relive Abby’s life and many, many loves in our gallery.

* Sharon’s back in Stepford wife mode, but her demeanor certainly changed when Adam walked into the coffee house. I’m hoping for this New Year’s Eve wedding to Rey to turn into a runaway bride classic soapy delight…

* Billy and Lily’s banter is fun. They’re not high octane yet, but I have no doubt they would be if we could still have intimate scenes

* Love the growing connection between Devon and Amanda, but wondering if we’ll all have grey hair by the time she finds out more about her past. Also, he’s still not dealing with his feelings about Elena, so I expect more drama in that regard.

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below.

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