Phyllis Got a Worthy Opponent in Victoria — Game On!

October 5 - 9

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The overall viewing experience has improved for The Young and the Restless though slower bits and storyline fails remain. Most intriguing right now is the quadrangle with Elena, Nate, Devon, and Amanda, Phyllis vs Victoria, and Billy and Lily, who are growing on me as a potential couple. Thoughts:

Deliciously soapy

The week started off with, well, a bang, and I loved the juxtaposition of Elena and Nate having toe-curling sex on the examination table while Amanda and Devon toasted one another across town. Nick showing up at the clinic as Elena ran out and Nate dressed was fun and could come back to haunt them. Elena’s anguish and her texting with Nate then making love to Devon and ending up crying was so soapy – imagine the reveal still to come. The actors are clearly relishing the opportunity to do more with their characters (and are so good at it!); truly bad behavior we can get behind. I’m ready for this plot to get even soapier if Elena sleeping with both Nate and Devon was a set up for a ’who’s the daddy?’ storyline.

Heartfelt beat

The sitcom versions of Chloe and Kevin are cute but still a ‘no’ for me – these are layered characters with complicated histories and should be written for as such. I did appreciate the heartfelt moment when Esther recalled giving birth to Chloe on the stairs with only Katherine to hold her hand, however.

Blissed out

It’s nice to have some love in the afternoon, but I tend to zone out during some of the Abby and Chance stuff – such as them sitting in the park talking about swans mating for life. I got a kick out of the dialogue touching on Abby’s string of past men, which, as it turns out, is impressively long when you get to listing them. Anyway, all of this bliss should spell trouble ahead.


Despite the fact that I don’t for a minute buy Phyllis putting herself in this position of financial hardship, I’m far more up for her sparring with Victoria than with Abby – a superior rivalry with a worthier opponent. I was practically giddy when Phyllis stormed into Victoria’s office to confront her about buying her bank loan – Phyllis hollering and issuing warnings, and Victoria smirking was amazing. Battling over the hotel remains lame as far as a storyline goes, but the dynamic is fantastic.

Safe and dependable

Sharon’s cancer storyline isn’t even realistic at this point – it’s become a bunch of throwaway lines about her being tired. As for her love life, she’s clearly choosing the safe option in dependable Rey and is still defending Adam to everyone who comes through the door, which speaks volumes.


I may have groaned out loud when Adam vowed revenge on Billy again. The actors do a brilliant job but this retread does get repetitive. Chelsea wanting to run wasn’t surprising, but her cutting remark about Johnny when she confronted Billy was – very much a ‘pot calling the kettle black’ moment. I’m sensing a slow build to Lily and Billy – the 17 scones bit left me smiling as did a few other of their recent ‘moments’ – totally here for it. In related commentary, I’m dismayed by Victor being so ineffectual in the fallout from the article – this isn’t The Mustache we know and love/hate. That said, I laughed out loud when he told Nikki to ‘enjoy the leaves’ as he walked out of the park, fed up. Good stuff.

Tissue alert

Similar to Victor, Jack’s mellowed too much and has been reduced to making pinched faces and waxing on about enduring love and this necklace. I have my tissues ready for next week’s goodbye to Dina, as the Abbotts always slay with their raw emotion, but I won’t be sad about the necklace going with her and hope there proves to be a point in it all.

On hold

We’re still waiting to see if Summer and Kyle go through with the elopement. I thought Summer might back out after seeing Lola’s texts with Kyle. Either way, they’ll have some ‘splainin’ to do when they get back to Genoa City.

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below.

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