Hear Them Roar! Feisty Females a Big Win Amid Flimsy Plots

September 21 - 25

Victoria, Abby, Nikki, Lily Y&R

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There’s been noticeably more drama and soapy moments between characters on Young and Restless. More and more I’m finding myself genuinely engaged in scenes despite disappointment the storyline itself is thin on the ground. There are things to look forward to, such as Lily finding out Amanda is Hilary’s sister, and Gloria’s return. Props to those in the writers’ room making efforts and to the actors bringing their ‘A’ game.


Summer and Kyle’s engagement scene in the park was different and romantic, and Lola lurking in the bushes was appropriately soapy – though I laughed at them not seeing her. Come on! There was some decent fallout as Lola dumped Theo, who got in a jab by informing her that a man who will live up to her lofty expectations may not exist. Ooo. I enjoyed the conflict, to be honest, and hadn’t been ‘feeling’ Theo and Lola as much since new episodes returned. It did, however, leave me wondering where they’ll go with Lola now… they’ve made her into such a sad sack! With all the foreshadowing of Kyle messing up, I know what I’m thinking…

That brings us to Nick and Phyllis’s reaction to the engagement. In an unexpected show of restraint, Phyllis cooled after her initial panic, while Nick went ballistic. I ate up the family drama while simultaneously rolling my eyes at the hypocrisy and Summer being treated like a teen. This Young and Restless fan’s take had me rolling; it’s so true!

Feeling it

Work is being put in to develop the quadrangle of Nate/Elena/Devon/Amanda and it’s showing in all of their scenes. I think they could have gone a lot more twisty and soapy with all of this, as a belated twin reveal was ‘safe’ and anti-climactic, but the angst, flashbacks, and performances are drawing me in non-stop. I’m feeling things all over the place, which is essential in a soap opera. A few interactions had me speculating as to whether Nate was manipulating, which would be a boon, but it’s probably wishful thinking.

Female power

Billy and Victoria plotting against Adam is another example of a storyline where the drama is engaging despite the premise being, well, lame – no one cares about what happened in Vegas or in Kansas decades ago – not to mention repetitive. Yet, numerous characters have been pulled into this and it’s their interactions that are winning me over. Victoria putting Billy on blast was super-satisfying:

In fact, all the strong women involved had me cheering them on. How cool was it to see Nikki and Lily square off, and Abby tell Chance she ‘wasn’t asking his permission’ to approach her sister. There may even be actual stakes in this story now as Billy’s betrayal, should he go ahead and print the story, would impact many.


Sharon’s breast cancer storyline wasn’t doing much for me this week as it feels like the powers that be just seem to be going through the motions at this point. That could change I suppose, and I hope something amazing is in store, but some viewers are ready to throw in the towel:

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below.

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