We *Finally* Got Some Fabulously Soapy Moments As Amanda’s Connection to Hilary Was Revealed — & Elena Walked In

September 14 - 18

Amanda thrown out Y&R

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The good news is that I’m definitely more engaged when I’m watching Young and Restless – it’s improving. There have been some truly soapy moments and even signs of actual storylines. The flip side is that there are still some questionable plot points and characters with not enough to do.

Dirty work

I can’t believe we’re back to the Adam and Billy feud dominating the show – well, I can believe it, I just don’t love it. The actors are phenomenal at playing these complex characters but few would have asked to go down this road again. There are positives – there’s more intensity and more characters being drawn in – but the repetitive premise itself makes me weary. I was genuinely excited about Victoria vs Adam and can’t decide if I’m pissed the writers made it Billy’s thing or if she’s being clever in using him to do her dirty work. If so, she may regret it as he seems to be running on the ‘high’ from the risk he’s taking, which will cloud his judgement.

I felt Adam declaring war on Victor made no sense and wondered if overhearing Billy and Victoria’s conversation about targeting Victor along with Adam in the expose would make a difference. As many have hoped to see Adam and his father on the same side for a change, it was a hopeful sign in that respect.

No apologies

Sharon has just found out her cancer has spread into her lymph nodes and rather than being in the freaking hospital she’s dealing with Rey’s insecurities and people coming to her door about Adam. Her diagnosis seems huge to me but somehow is just a talking point? Anyway, I think Adam and Sharon are both practicing avoidance in their own ways. My takeaway from the Sharon/Adam/Chelsea triangle this week was that Chelsea is a great accomplice and partner-in-crime, while Sharon’s his heart’s home. Friday’s cliffhanger was appreciably soapy, with Chelsea showing up at Sharon’s door – and while I understand her fuming over the text – I hope Sharon will draw on her experience dealing with Phyllis and stand her ground – so over everyone being apologetic!

Fast ‘n’ furious

I love Phyllis and Nick together, and I’m all for their relationship talk, but wow, standing in a park talking about shapes in the clouds – really? I’m tired of main players not having meaty storylines and worry Phyllis will remain stuck in the rinky-dink rivalry with Abby. That said, there was foreshadowing that Phyllis will mess things up with Nick again…perhaps she’ll get involved with the Vegas stuff. Likewise, hints are dropping fast ‘n’ furious that Kyle will screw up his relationship with Summer. If Theo actually does something to hurt Lola, as she seems to be bracing for, I could see Kyle getting involved there.

Abbott habit

There’s yet another mystery surrounding Dina, and while I love seeing Traci and Jack, this has gotten ridiculous, and is a prime example of the powers that be not being in touch with what the viewers want to see.

Scenes of the week

My favorite scenes of the week were easily those involving the Amanda reveal. In spite of this plot twist coming way late, and being ‘another soap twin story’, Bryton James and Mishael Morgan truly had me enthralled when Amanda told Devon the results of the DNA test. About a dozen conflicting emotions could be seen in Devon’s expression, which told us everything he was feeling in that moment without a single word and I was riveted with my heart-pounding. Having Elena walk through the door as Devon said he loved Hilary more than anything on Earth was another fabulously soapy moment – and making Amanda leave the penthouse too. I love that they’ve taken her personality beyond ‘sweet’ and are giving Brytni Sarpy some material to sink her teeth into as well. Despite Devon agreeing that Amanda will have to do the rest without him, I think he’ll be irresistibly drawn to her now. Jared’s return may give them a reason to interact. Looking ahead, Amanda being Hilary’s sister will impact her relationship with Lily too. Good stuff!

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below.

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