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Young & Restless’ Feeble Attempts at Drama – Is This a Sitcom or a Soap?

August 24 - 28

Chelsea shock Y&R

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There are a few storylines and spoilers that give a sense of the ‘powers that be’ heading in a better direction, but I’ve realized I have little faith at this point. I’m tired. I applaud the efforts made to touch on history – such as Traci and Lily talking about Colleen – and to use some to the old music cues, but it’s simply not enough. Everyone is tolerant and tries to get along, and much of the show plays like a sitcom rather than a soap opera. Young and Restless is in dire straits.

Big shocker

Despite the premise of Adam’s memory storyline being ridiculous given his history, I was willing to put that aside in anticipation that at least something dramatic might happen. If nothing else, the scenes have brought much-needed energy here and there. I had high hopes for Chelsea walking in on something shocking in Kansas, but we can’t have nice things like that ever, so all she saw was Sharon and Adam standing close together. Yawn. I’m holding on to a dash of optimism that this will still lead to a shake-up for these characters.

Change in the air

Conversations surrounding Amanda/Billy/Lily/Devon/Elena/Nate indicate change is in the air for these characters. Amanda’s relationship with Billy was put under the microscope by both Lily and Nate, who noticed her exasperation with Billy might be more like exhilaration. It seemed like Lily was just asking for work…but who knows? Meanwhile, Elena is clearly realizing she’s attracted to Nate, who called her out for being extra-interested in his dating life. At the same time, we saw Amanda and Devon broach the delicate topic of Hilary, and oddly, whether or not he considered himself a bachelor. I feel if there’s an Amanda/Hilary connection, things could change even more. Again, I’m cautiously optimistic here.

Feelgood fun and fluff

Phyllis’ Escape Club episode had feelgood moments and some nice, unexpected nods to history, such as the mention of Colleen, and Nikki playing piano. Elena and Amanda bonding made for fun scenes, and the brief thaw between Phyllis and Abby did make me smile. Then the Young and Restless spoilers came out and indicated their feud would heat up again. Honestly, what are the powers that be thinking? It’s not a ‘delicious’ rivalry, it’s dumbed-down, sitcom-ish, fluff. Swerving back to Phyllis’ escape day, I was dismayed that she didn’t invite, or even mention, her friend Lauren Fenmore. Sigh.


Nick’s loud objections to Victor protecting Adam were rather inane given that Victor covered up Nick’s teen pool accident involving Sandra Allen. In fact, Victor’s known for meddling in all of his children’s lives to ‘protect’ them, so this narrative felt off to me. Ah well, at least we got some hollering…something to pull our eyes to the TV screen.

Dandy dates

Kyle and Summer and Lola and Theo’s dates were just dandy, but this is a soap opera – where’s the drama? Summer moving in with Kyle is barely a ripple, and they’re all ‘fine’ with each other and everyone else it seems. Bland. Anyway, kudos to the efforts to show romance – it did feel odd not to have Kyle and Summer canoodling on their picnic, but their banter and expressions sufficed. Though I was finding Theo’s ‘nervousness’ to be a smidge over-the-top on his date with Lola, I like them together, and it made me a little sad that their first time making love had to be left entirely to the imagination.

Billy’s theme

I have no words for the big crisis for Billy and Victoria being ‘Katie got stung by a bee’. Moving on, I’m not sure I understand Victoria cozying up to Billy in business. That said, I’m into the story of Victoria taking a hard line, which, again, brings some energy to the storytelling. As for Billy making Lily a bet with regard to the risky story…eek. Amanda and Lily seem to be in charge of keeping him in line – kind of tired of this theme. I guess it’s a good thing Traci will be working there too.

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below.

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