Deconstructing Y&R: Character-driven drama biggest draw in May Sweeps

May 1 - 5


There were some scandalized reactions to reveals, and the return of a familiar face, but the character-driven drama was what really drew in viewers this week. Thoughts:

No escape.
Ashley’s reaction to learning Jack and Gloria were bed buddies was priceless. “No! Oh God no!” Finally, his hypocrisy regarding her and Ravi was revealed as well. Of course, Jack and Ashley were also dealing with their estranged mother, Dina Mergeron being in the press, which brought up all kinds of feelings and reflection – loved this – though not so much Abby’s whining. It’s unbelievable that the issue of Dina had never been addressed previously between mother and daughter. As for Ravi supporting Ashley…oh, I want so much to ‘feel’ this but it’s still not happening. Ravi’s just coming across as so dry and serious, and Ashley unloading all this emotional stuff on this young guy she’s supposed to be ‘having fun’ with is not helping the situation. I’d rather watch her interact with Victor.

Special delivery.
In ‘Kevin’s the dad’ developments, we learned that Victor was the person who had the letters delivered on Chloe’s behalf, which led to some casual soapy speculation that he might have doctored the DNA results. Kevin also filled Gloria in on the news, and the mama bear in her took over as she vowed to make a family for Bella, and later confided her worries to Jack. Even though Gloria is at her best when being ‘camp’ it is gratifying to see this side of her as well.

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Drama in the workplace.
The anticipated reveals in the Billy/Phyllis storyline came this week as Cane’s machinations led to Victoria finding out her ex was otherwise involved in a jolting way, and Billy and Phyllis later approached Jack together and filled him in. Billy’s behavior was under the microscope as Phyllis waited for him to cough up the truth to Victoria, who was making it difficult by leading him to believe she was upset about Nikki’s MS relapse (a lie that felt out-of-character for Victoria), but Billy’s attire was even more heavily scrutinized as horrified viewers took to Twitter to remark on his questionable style choices:


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