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Deconstructing Y&R: Top of the Tower scenes brought comedy, cattiness

April 24 - 28

Lots of building going on in the “Y&R” storylines this week, with the exception of Bella’s paternity, which was resolved lightening fast. The scenes with everyone gathered at the Top of the Tower on Friday were unexpectedly fun, with so much going on, and a change of pace from the typical interactions. Loved it. Thoughts:

Who’s the daddy?
Kevin and Billy both received letters from Chloe saying they could be Bella’s father, which resulted in some solid tension-filled scenes at the police station before the truth was revealed. I was fine with Kevin being the father given he already has a bond with her, plus it opens up a new storyline angle for him as a single parent. Lauren and Michael expressing their belief in him was a nice touch.

Tessa was not only left to rattle around in the ranch when Nikki was out, but was entrusted with the care of one Christian Newman – a slightly questionable turn of events, but hey, it’s a soap. She also connected with Sharon, which could come in handy if she dates Noah, but we’ve still no idea who she updates on the phone. I want to know!

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Abbotts and Newmans.
So, Abby’s partnered with Jack behind Victor’s back – sounds like a good idea…not! In other news, Ashley accepted Ravi’s invitation to dinner…still hoping this will lighten up; the poor guy is so keyed-up and serious. Meanwhile, Ashley’s clashes with Jack continue to entertain, as he keeps making business decisions based on his personal agendas, one of which is to infiltrate the Newman family and get one over on Victor. As noted in the last Deconstructing Y&R, Jack’s belated thirst for revenge came too late, and if you watch Peter Bergman’s 44th Daytime Emmy reel in which Jack rants at Phyllis about revenge, you realize just how little sense it makes. In related news, Nikki, incensed over Victor’s manipulative generosity on her behalf, turned to Jack to ‘get her mojo back’. I still don’t get her concern over protecting the family – Vic was convicted and went to prison after Marco and nothing happened to the rest of the Newmans!

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Playing cupid.
Scott calling Lauren out on her matchmaking made for such a fun scene between them, and he obviously piqued her curiosity by revealing he’d met someone but refusing to give a name. I’m still really enjoying the slow simmer between Scott and Sharon, which is building deliciously to something ‘more’.

Advantage Kendall.
Team Kendall scored points this week by outwitting the snotty Zoey who asked her to leave the coffee house so she and Reed could be alone. Quick thinking Kendall ended up kissing Reed – again – at the ranch as Tessa looked on and grinned. As predicted, this boy has his hands full!

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Missing link.
Hilary and Devon’s divorce became final, and as a result we finally were privy to the couple’s real feelings as they lingered and interacted on the courthouse steps, and later watched each other longingly after the conclusion of The Hilary Hour (which actually ran about a minute, hehe). Hilary’s decision to open up about her feelings on air affected everyone listening, including Mariah, who had been complaining about her role on the show beforehand. Her constant discontent is annoying – she could just leave if she’s not happy with the job. Anyway, afterward it was pretty clear as Devon and Hilary parted ways that, while they’ve turned their attention to others, what was between them is not over. That undercurrent of feeling was an element that had been missing from the storyline.

The talk.
Phyllis and Billy continued to reconnect as they faced the paternity test and then turned their focus to the considerable task of telling Jack and Victoria they’re together. As is wont to happen in soaps, Victoria has picked this precise time to decide that she wants her ex-husband, and Jack’s begun to thaw toward Phyllis. What appeals to me about Phyllis and Billy, aside from the insane chemistry, is that they accept each other for who they are, which was an issue in their marriages. In Jess Walton’s 44th Daytime Emmy reel Jill rants at Victoria for throwing Billy out whenever the going got tough, and for always choosing her father over him (which makes you wonder why she pushed so hard for them to reconcile). Anyway, whichever pairing you prefer, there’s little doubt we’re headed to triangle town eventually.

Sweating bullets.
Something has to give in Cane’s story as sitting through scenes of him looking constipated and on edge around Juliet is getting old. He was in quite a state watching Lily posing in that camisole. Yike! It seems his paranoia and guilt might be his undoing, and then who knows what’s next. No doubt Jordan will be waiting in the wings for his shot with Lily judging by that remark about ‘the best already being taken’.

Friday notes.
The scenes at Top of the Tower were filled with juicy goodness and had me laughing time and again. I also enjoyed the bit with Victor walking in to find Jack with his arm around Nikki going through photo albums. Oops, hehe! As for Chelsea and Nick, this pairing could leave for parts unknown indefinitely and I wouldn’t miss them. Unappealing.

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– Candace Young


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