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Deconstructing Y&R: Jack’s thirst for revenge has come way too late

April 17 - 21

Coming down off the high drama of the Chloe reveal, there were some entertaining moments, some shifts in ‘coupledom’, and some business moves and new developments to debate. Thoughts:

Abby’s installation as interim-CEO of Newman Enterprises had its moments, like Victoria shrugging off her triumphant announcement (well, he had to appoint someone), and Jack’s expression upon hearing the news, as he sensed a weak link. If this proves to be a disaster, perhaps it will serve as a catalyst for change. As the Naked Heiress, riding into the Club on horseback and cavorting with inappropriate men, Abby was at her most entertaining. Now she is arguably one of the show’s least interesting characters, relegated to whining and obsessing over Victor’s approval.

New York, New York.
Ashley and Ravi finally kissed and the moment fell a little short of what it might have been. It should have been utterly, uncontrollably spontaneous and should have happened long ago. All of the brooding, deliberating, denial, ‘legitimizing’ via Abby and Traci giving approval, and endless stalling tactics (i.e. Ben Hochman), didn’t so much build anticipation as bog the situation down. The amazing comic beats played in the beginning were lost too, as the tone became overly serious – a shame. That said, it was enjoyable to see Traci, and I’m still hopeful this pairing will lighten up and become fun.

The new regime.
As mentioned in the last Deconstructing Y&R, the Chloe reveal was unlikely as a ‘last straw’ for the Newmans, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from enjoying Nikki’s power play. From her Victor smackdown, to informing Scott that killing the memoir was ‘not a request’ and declaring herself as head of the Newman family, it’s been a scream.

Another move Nikki made was to hire an assistant – Tessa. Loved the candid conversation about Nikki’s past as an exotic dancer, but the jury’s still out on the Tessa character, who hasn’t proven to be all that intriguing yet.

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Hot Scott.
Scott just gets more appealing all the time. Not only does he sport the rather sexy assertive character trait of not backing down from anyone who gets in his face, he also proved to be easygoing as he and Phyllis laughed off their near hook-up and established a comfortable friendship. What’s more, he has a sweet side, which he showed when asking Sharon out. Unfortunately, their date was a succession of interruptions and got cut short. Anyway, they’re really working as a couple.

Moving on.
My favorite ‘funny’ of the week was easily Michael’s reaction to Phyllis blurting that Jack had moved on with none other than his mother.

Phyllis also filled Michael in on her plans to go for it with Billy. The Billy/Phyllis romp was more than a sexcapade – their ability to be open, relaxed, and sweet with one another is a breath of fresh air in contrast to how contentious and difficult their relationships had become with Victoria and Jack. That said, Victoria simultaneously deciding she wanted Billy back felt like the classic soap set-up for a triangle, whether now or later.

Sealing the deal.
Michael drew up the paperwork for Devon’s new corporation, which left many questioning Devon giving Neil fifty percent right off the hop. It’s obvious the writers want to reset the Neil/Devon relationship, however there is a great deal of history just being ignored or glossed over in order to get there so quickly.

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Lab gab.
Brash & Sassy verged on some drama what with Cane being on edge over Juliet planning a trip out of town for Lily and Jordan. He relaxed after speaking to Juliet about it, but later was on alert again when Juliet accepted Victoria’s invitation to go drinking. Ha! Over drinks, it became clear that Juliet has a crush on Cane, but she didn’t get tipsy and start talking, unlike her boss, hehe. Much as I’m irked by the depiction of Victoria as a constant ball of stress who can’t quite juggle her business, family, and personal lives, it was pretty funny to see her show up at home ‘wasted’ much to Reed’s delight.

Switching places.
Well, I’m getting drawn into Reed’s teen triangle despite myself – still Team Kendall. Loved her sending Reed home from the movies thinking about her and their ‘insane’ kiss rather than Zoey. Reed’s got his hands full with these two!

Friday notes.
Ravi defending Ashley’s honor to Hochman was so sweet, but it also felt like another scene designed to ‘legitimize’ him as a partner for Ash, which isn’t needed. Sharon spent some more time with Scott (love them), and it was later revealed he worked as more than just a journalist in the Middle East. Intriguing. Chelsea stormed into the police station full of rage, which felt disjointed after not having seen her for a week. Phyllis loudly dismissed ‘solicitor’ Billy until she could get rid of Jack, and once again, she and Billy openly discussed Victoria, and their situation. The chemistry between these two just in a simple conversation or while subtly touching is off-the-charts! Anyway, Jack headed off to fish for information about Victor – I’m not feeling this idea of Jack seeking revenge now, after all this time.

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– Candace Young


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