Deconstructing Y&R: Chloe & Kevin’s Baby Shower Brought Missed Opportunities and Perplexing Choices

April 20 - 23

Chelsea, Lauren smile shower Young and Restless

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I’m looking forward to the classic episodes of Young and Restless coming up as the show hasn’t been hitting on all cylinders for me in quite a while. There were, as always, some good moments this week, but missed opportunities, amnesia in the writing, and quickie plots continued to take their toll.

Turning point

The added nuance of Kyle feeling a tinge of regret about everything that went down with Theo after firing him was unexpected given the unapologetic loathing we’ve been watching for months, but came just in the nick of time as he and Summer were about to hit their stride as soap characters who conveniently forget their own transgressions in the not-so-distant past, which were easily on par with Theo’s. There seemed to be an effort toward creating some sympathy for Theo, as not only was it revealed he was fired on his birthday (which he was spending alone), but we also saw a truce between him and Mariah. The Theo and Mariah scenes were well done as her change of heart wasn’t laid on too thick; it was more of a ‘right time, right place’ situation for them both. Elsewhere, Jack and Phyllis had a similar conversation about Theo in which they also acknowledged their behavior at his age. He’ll likely end up working at Chancellor Media, which could be good. In related commentary, Lily certainly noticed Billy and Amanda riffing off one another in their business meeting. A Billy/Amanda/Nate triangle with a predictable outcome seems likely at this point, which makes me wonder how, or if, Lily will fit into things. Why bring her back to be a spectator? It’s unfathomable that weeks continue to go by without getting into Amanda’s past and ignoring the fact she’s Hilary’s doppelganger.

Completely over it

As predicted in the previous Deconstructing Y&R, Victor was protecting Adam, who was the real killer of AJ Montalvo and is blocking it out. The secret came out very quickly, was anti-climactic, and didn’t even make a lot of sense.

I wasn’t feeling it as a huge reveal that impacts the present and could ruin Adam’s life considering he was a boy protecting his mother and he’s done far more diabolical things intentionally as an adult. That said, Victoria’s ‘completely over it’ approach was a silver-lining, and I wasn’t immune to the drama of Nikki placing her hand on Victor’s shoulder as he sat looking weary and saddened.

Convenient amnesia

Kevin and Chloe’s baby shower had its moments, and it’s always nice to see Michael and Lauren, but it also had a couple of significant fails. First, there was zero mention made of what Chelsea did to Lauren, not even an undercurrent of tension or a cool look shot across the room. Second, Chloe asked Chelsea to be her unborn baby’s godmother, which seemed preposterous given the history between Chloe and Adam, who could, in theory, end up raising her kid if something happened to Chloe and Kevin. I don’t know what the powers that be are thinking with all the convenient amnesia in the plots.

Get serious

I appreciated much about the scene with Jack and Phyllis. They have a nice rhythm to their banter as friends and share a lot of history. Though it was amusing that Phyllis twigged on the idea of putting bones in Abby’s construction site after hearing of Jack’s dilemma, continuing Phyllis and Abby’s so-called rivalry doesn’t appeal to me. I’d rather see Phyllis squaring off with someone more formidable in a serious storyline.

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below. Please note Young and Restless columns will resume when original episodes return.

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