Deconstructing Y&R: Theories Are Flying About Victor’s Huge Secret From Kansas

April 13 - 16

Nikki, Victoria discuss Victor Young and Restless

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Young and Restless kept trucking along this week with a few storylines showing glimmers of conflict and drama. The confrontations and romance made for the best scenes.

Who is he protecting?

As noted in the previous Deconstructing Y&R, Victor is hiding something as he’s told Nikki he didn’t kill AJ Montalvo but still let Adam take over at Newman (for now). Meanwhile, he divulged the truth about what really happened in Kansas to his wife offscreen. Nikki was shocked and overwhelmed, but I don’t expect to be. He’s either protecting Hope to preserve her good name, or Adam, who was a kid and maybe doesn’t remember. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if there’s more to it than that – the big secrets in the past year have been pretty tame. I expect Adam will be stunned by whatever comes out, then shown the door at Newman as characters changing jobs seems to be a mainstay these days.

Taking the bait

I love the realness of Traci’s doubts, emotional vulnerability, and even her delight in taking time to pamper herself. This character has so much heart and is so needed. Jack wheeling around town in a funk is a mood too, however, I still don’t understand pitting Theo and Kyle against each other which only creates more grief. The plot point of Summer realizing out-of-the-blue that Kendra was spying for Theo, then setting him up, was clearly an effort at creating drama, and is a slight improvement on the arm-wrestling if nothing else. I’m torn between hoping the nastiness backfires on them and wanting Theo to evolve a tad by being forced to confront his lack of self-confidence and underhandedness.

Missed opportunities

Mariah and Tessa sitting in Society snarking at Theo and discussing Lindsay was amusing, but it would have been much more entertaining if Lindsay still worked there – why can’t we have soapy goodness like that? At least we got an acknowledgment that Adam still doesn’t know about Sharon’s cancer, though I suspect the powers that be will leave it at that, which is disappointing. Sharon and Rey’s getaway at the hotel was sweet. I was struck by her mentioning it might be their last time to be together before things changed due to her surgery, which was a brief, but heartbreaking beat.

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Get to the point

Amanda’s juggling two job offers, dating Nate and dodging Billy, and Lily’s been added to her orbit. It feels like the powers that be are testing the waters for one of two love triangles – Billy/Nate/Amanda or Amanda/Billy/Lily. I’m not bowled over by either prospect, though I like the vibe developing at Chancellor Media with Billy and Lily. Anything between Amanda and Devon seems further down the road as it seems to be barely teased. While I balk at Devon having to compete with a family member for a woman yet again if she ends up with Nate, I would at least like to get to the point in her story where everyone (including Amanda!) acknowledges the obvious – she doesn’t know her biological roots and looks identical to Devon’s late wife.

Turning the tables

Phyllis and Nick back together are one of my favorite vibes on the show right now. As many have noted, the way he looks at her like he wants to devour her is everything. I enjoyed how they circled back to Abby stealing the flashdrive from Phyllis, who turned the move back on her. Dippy Abby then asked Chance to record Adam and implicate him again. Too funny. In related commentary, Phyllis and Chelsea’s confrontation was a kick as they’re none-too-happy to sling dirt, but I’m not a fan of Chloe chirping about how happy she is for her best friend and Adam. Given the history, Adam should forever be a source of tension between them.

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