Deconstructing Y&R: Superficial Genoa City Plots Are the Equivalent of a Quickie vs. a Deep Love Affair

April 6 - 9

Chelsea, Adam, Alyssa plot Young and Restless

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Young and Restless was an absolute snoozefest much of the week. You know it’s bad when even your favorite characters or couples are putting you to sleep. Stories are superficial across the board and really just a series of plot points – the soap-writing equivalent of a noon-hour quickie as opposed to a deep, passionate love affair. Playing classic episodes alongside the new ones makes the issues seem even more glaring.


I’m still on board with Sharon’s storyline as the content is emotional enough and the characters beloved enough to deliver time and again. Rey is undeniably sweet but sadly dull, and he doesn’t have the history with Sharon to make the story all it could be. I’m most drawn in by Sharon’s reactions and her scenes with her girls. It remains odd to me that the men who have loved her are on the sidelines (Nick) or aren’t even aware (Adam). Check out our Y&R fan fiction: Adam learns Sharon has cancer, if you feel the same way.


As noted in the previous Deconstructing Y&R, Jack and Jill’s renewed connection’s appealing, and Jill’s relationship with her recast grandson Chance is growing on me. Jack was up to his eyeballs in stress after Kyle and Theo’s argument in front of Dina. The scene with Theo, Lola and Dina preceding the spat was cute, with their banter and feeding Dina the flan. Kyle and Theo’s bickering is wearing thin, however, and call me crazy, but Jack pitting them against each other at Jabot seemed totally counter-intuitive to achieving peace. With Summer and Lola backing their men I can see what the powers that be are going for here, but make it make sense at least.

Rushed retread

The plot with Adam blackmailing Victor yet again feels rushed and thin – a childhood friend out of nowhere, Adam ranting about Victoria not working for her position at Newman Enterprises when she’s worked there more than any of them, and Chelsea waving her pom-poms at Adam’s every move and not even feeling torn about the impact on Nick for angst – it feels half-assed.

Obviously, Victor’s going to come out with some twist, as he’s told Nikki he’s innocent, and I can’t think of any reason other than he covered up the death of AJ Montalvo to protect Hope. In related commentary, why was there dialogue with Chloe remarking on Chelsea’s excellent reputation in fashion when the last thing she did was rip off Fenmore’s?

Dating pool

It’s been nice to see a different side of Amanda as she’s relaxed without the threat of her ex hanging over her, and I like the beats subtly being played between her and Devon, even as she dips her toe into romance with Nate. Nate’s dashing, but hopefully on this date he proves to have a little more game than just backgammon.

What next?

While I like the vibe developing at Chancellor Media with Lily and Billy, and I enjoy the idea of Traci coming on board (and staying on canvas), where do they go from here? Again, it’s shuffling someone into a new job as a plot point. Where’s the story?

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Phyllis and Abby’s ‘rivalry’ is as annoying as the sound of those jackhammers from Abby’s construction site, which sounded like they were in the lobby rather than across the street, but I suppose that was for effect. There’s no actual storyline and Phyllis and Abby’s animosity doesn’t exist for any reason that compels viewers to care. I’d rather see Phyllis at odds with Victoria, at least there’s history from what they went through with JT (and Billy) to play on and it would have a little more depth.

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below.

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