Deconstructing Y&R: Raw Emotion and Sexual Chemistry Are the Only Reasons Left to Tune In

March 23 - 27

Ashley, Traci, Jack sobbing Young and Restless

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This week marked a new low for Young and Restless as I actually had to watch one episode twice because it was so deathly dull I kept zoning out and missing parts. There is a pervasive low-energy and so much droning on about a) mundane things or b) uninteresting plot points, that the only things capturing my attention at this point are the scenes with raw emotion or sexual chemistry.

Teasing and pleasing

While Theo’s chemistry with Lola (and the slow teasing approach) continues to lure me in, I’m disappointed with the smug smiles when he walks away from her. I guess it’s because I want to know his feelings for her are genuine. The way he is plotting against Kyle at Jabot should be intriguing but just seems smarmy and the reasons behind it remain ill-defined. Most problematic is that the plot isn’t driving me to root for either of them. In positives, Kyle and Summer’s sex scene with the rose petals finally made me ‘feel’ this pairing for the first time since they got back together.

Fast fix

As predicted in the previous Deconstructing Y&R, Mariah and Tessa reunited quickly, and while the actresses were brilliant as always in the emotional scenes, it was a total letdown that this was another fast fix and the drama wasn’t stretched out over months or made more complicated in any way.

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Silver lining

Nick and Billy’s clash got my attention, mainly because it was heated (and also kind of funny in a dumb way), but I’m on the fence about the Chancellor Media plot, which seems just the latest in a line of Billy’s character being plunked into a scenario with a woman who then has to deal with him. It’s crazy to me that we sat through months of Billy’s D.I.D. and adrenaline addiction and it was seemingly pointless. The silver lining is that Jill has stuck around. The flirty scene between her and Jack piqued my interest as I remember their chemistry as lovers from eons ago. It was truly sad, however, that Jill’s diversion was a crossword puzzle. It would have been much more fun if they’d met up at the Athletic Club bar and she’d taken him upstairs to a suite to distract from his troubles by ‘reliving the good old days’. In related commentary, Jack and his sisters had me choked up as they sobbed over the contents of Dina’s envelope. I appreciated the Mamie mention as well.

Stale offerings

It’s unclear to me what Adam, or viewers, are supposed to get out of him trying to get the goods on Victor yet again. Are we supposed to care if Victor killed this AJ Montalvo person decades ago? Presumably, Adam is going to try to blackmail Victor one more time to get in at Newman, which is just stale. I normally love watching both Adam and Victor, but this has me struggling to pay attention or care.

Good vibes

The foursome of Nate, Elena, Devon and Amanda helping Jared is a heart-warming enough plot, but what I really took away from this week’s scenes was the electricity between Devon and Amanda when they shook hands and smiled at each other as he said, “We make a great team.” It gave me those Devon and Hilary vibes I’ve been wanting since Mishael Morgan returned. Elena noticed too, which seemed like foreshadowing, though I’d be surprised if they go down that road anytime soon.

In the clutch

I continue to enjoy the fun and sexy scenes with Nick and Phyllis, though it was bizarre that she approached him to strike a deal for Newman Enterprises to hold parties at Grand Phoenix when they have Top of the Tower. Putting up out of town clients at her hotel would make sense though. In other Nick news, he was stunned to be confronted with the truth of Victoria’s depression and even more shocked when she clutched her chest and had to be rushed to the hospital. It left me wondering if it was a panic attack or heart-related.

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