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Deconstructing Y&R: Hot, hilarious hook-up offsets heavy Newman drama

April 10 - 14

As discussed in the last Deconstructing Y&R, the Chloe reveal delivered some high drama, which continued to play out this week, though the storyline definitely had some questionable aspects. Thoughts:

The Chloe chronicles.
The week kicked off back at the airport hangar as Chloe made her getaway. As this storyline played out it was the moments that we ‘felt’ that worked best – Victor visibly sagging under the weight of his mental baggage as Nick informed him he’d let Adam’s killer escape, Kevin struggling to contain his emotion as he talked to Bella, and later breaking down with Gloria, who has been unexpectedly raw and genuine in the face of her son’s pain. Unfortunately, significant points in the plot were problematic for viewers. Aside from all the hypocrisy involved, for which we have to suspend disbelief to an extent in soaps, Nick’s outrage on Adam’s behalf has been suspect from the beginning considering there were times he would have liked to kill the guy himself. Also, why blame Victor for letting Chloe get away when he hid and watched instead of doing anything himself? Jeeze. In fact, if the Newmans can get over everything Victor’s done up to now, it’s questionable that his collaboration with Chloe would be the proverbial ‘last straw’ – they really shouldn’t even have been surprised to discover Victor was involved in framing Adam, as it was widely speculated back at the time. Chelsea making a beeline to get on TV and then doing an abrupt turnaround, begging Chloe to turn herself in, was surprising, but not inconceivable. However, the idea that Chloe, whose entire focus after Delia’s death became about having another child (to the point she stole sperm!), would up-sticks and leave seemingly for good without Bella, was totally unbelievable for many viewers.

As much as I got a kick out of Nikki informing Victor he was being disowned (ha!), her plan moving forward seemed relatively unworkable and, in fact, it has already proved impossible to hide the tension as Billy senses Victoria’s pissed at her father, and Faith saw Nick punch ‘Grandpa’.

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Buzz bust.
The whole situation with Mariah, Devon, Hilary, and Jordan really isn’t working. Devon and Hilary jumped headlong into these situations to try and get over each other…and we feel nothing because we’re not even privy to their vulnerabilities or pain in their private moments. Mariah and Devon have become ‘NuCassie’ and her slightly annoying sidekick; neither is being written in character and the story feels plot-driven. What happened to Devon starting his own company? Why is he hanging around bickering at GC Buzz? Why is anyone trying to tell Hilary how to run the show now that it’s hers? Hilary may be attracted to Jordan but does anyone really believe she wants him over Devon? Meanwhile, Devon and Mariah have exchanged some cutesy kisses but their session on the penthouse sofa was just awkward. What are we supposed to be feeling/rooting for here? Ack.

Jack went another hypocritical round with Ashley about Ravi before they left town for the conference in New York, and shortly thereafter, he was caught canoodling with Gloria by an astonished Phyllis. I have to admit, although her crack about pigs taking flight was funny, it was otherwise a rather anticlimactic reveal. Maybe they’re saving the real fireworks for when Ashley finds out, as it’s now only a matter of time.

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Twists and turns.
It seemed bizarre that Lauren would want Phyllis to date her son – awkward! Anyway, Scott and Phyllis’ impromptu drunken near hook-up was fun. Not to mention hot and hilarious, particularly on the heels of their sober amusement at the idea of dating each other. This may open both of their eyes to what, or who, they really want – quite possibly Sharon and Billy. Sharon and Scott have a great vibe, and it was revealed this week that (spoiler alert!) Billy and Phyllis will reunite. For those who not only enjoy their onscreen chemistry, but how much the characters ‘get’ each other despite the less-than-ideal circumstances under which they fell for each other, the development was welcomed with great excitement, though some were afraid to get their hopes up, and others didn’t like the idea at all:

Teen triangle.
Clueless Reed seems to have a love triangle developing with the mean girls, which may or may not prove to be less annoying than listening to them giggle over their phones at gigs. Team Kendall is looking good so far, simply because of the way Zoey talks about Victoria – nothing else to go on. I’m trying…

Friday notes.
As presumed, Nikki’s plan proved to be untenable and in less than 24 hours everyone close to them knew something was going on with Victor. Nick in particular really muffed it up by getting Faith in the middle of it. Bleh. I have to admit it kills me to see Victor cry. Even though I know he brings it on himself…ugh. Kevin’s reaction to walking in on Scott and Phyllis was hilarious as was his conversation with Scott after, when he told him Michael once had a thing with Phyllis. Too funny! Phyllis later made nice with Jack, and Sharon, a thaw that will probably last until Sharon finds out Phyllis made out with Scott. Hehe. Reed’s birthday party went down featuring highlights such as Billy, Abby, and Noah trying unsuccessfully to discover why Vikki and Nikki were so uptight, Kendall scoring points with Reed’s mom, Noah asking Tessa to hang out (they’re cute but I’m not bowled over), and of course, the arrival of Victor’s extravagant gift, which left Nikki fuming. Can’t wait for that confrontation!

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– Candace Young


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