Deconstructing Y&R: Fans Want Boring Storylines “Spiced Up & Energized” With “Kidnappings, Mysteries & Murders”

February 21

Nikki, Victor smile gala Young and Restless

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The tribute episode to Victor Newman on Young and the Restless was beautifully done. I absolutely loved the flashbacks, which made me miss some of the past characters and drama. There were some moments to remember at the gala as well, which came up in this week’s column after I asked fans on social media and’s Y&R message board what they wanted to see on the CBS soap opera in the future. I received a huge response. Surprisingly, the most frequently voiced opinions reflected a call for more of what we’re currently seeing on Days of our Lives, which I’ve been enjoying.

Soapier storylines

Quite a number of fans expressed a desire for more drama and properly developed storylines. Facebook poster Jodie Gordan said, “It needs to be spiced up and energized.” There was a wide range of ideas on how to accomplish this of course. Suzanne Kalanquin told, “I would love to see more exciting plots. Maybe some kidnappings, mysteries, murders, etc…” While Jan Ewans Naylor’s solution was, “A little comedy and laughter now and then, and feel good storylines that warm the heart.” The most requested storylines were business intrigue, perhaps with characters such as Adam and Victoria, mysteries and adventures, and comedy, with numerous mentions of bringing back Gloria. A move away from repetitive storylines such as the current one involving Billy repeating patterns with Victoria and ‘screwing up’, silly secrets, and abrupt plot points that are not sufficiently played out would be appreciated.

Bringing the past to the present

There was overwhelming sentiment about wanting main storylines to focus more on veteran actors and their characters, as many seem to have been relegated to supporting roles, if that. Specifically mentioned were Michael, Lauren, Paul, and relatives of other characters past and present. Tying Theo to Dina and the Brooks family was a good start, but more is needed. Fans would love to see former favorites such as Nikki’s sister, Casey Reed, and Victor’s brother, Matt Miller, and their relatives brought into present-day stories, more background for existing characters such as Tessa, and unexplored history delved into, such as with Sharon’s father. Pointed remarks were also made about the lack of development surrounding the next generation – no teen scene or younger characters from core families having babies lately.

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Schemers and sexy fun

Some feel that Adam, Victor, and Jack have mellowed too much. Few want to see Victor or Jack put out to pasture or Adam reformed. There were also calls for Sheila Carter’s return. I’d hoped in the previous Deconstructing Y&R, Phyllis would make a power play and she did. Though I enjoy seeing her shake things up, some are over her baiting and shenanigans, particularly given she hasn’t had an actual storyline. reader Goldylox said, “Please give Phyllis an interesting, sexy fun story-line with actual direction and purpose.” Many are still missing Gina Tognoni’s take on the role and wish she would be brought back even as another character. Quite a few mentioned they’d love to see Ronan return for Phyllis. In relation to another redhead, viewers sought a real storyline for Mariah as well and were missing her campier original personality traits.

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More story for Devon to include Hilary’s return

Devon, as one of the remaining members of the Winters family, needs to play a more central role on Young and Restless. Many expressed disappointment that he has taken a backseat since Mishael Morgan returned as Hilary-lookalike, Amanda Sinclair. There are hopes Devon will get a business focus as well as get married and have babies. There’s a divide on who that should happen with, but without question, we need to learn more about Amanda, Elena, and Nate. Some viewers would also like to see more visits from Ana and Lily, and to have Cane’s name cleared if they’re not going to return.

Reunions, couples and new love

Quite a few wanted more exciting pairings. Sharon’s love life was the most hotly debated as there’s a strong contingent looking for a Sharon and Adam reunion. There were also strong opinions on the Summer/Kyle/Lola/Theo situation as most have a preference one way or the other. There were also calls for a love interest for Jack, and for more friendships.


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