Deconstructing Y&R: Hoping Phyllis Uses Adam and Chance’s Vegas Secret to Make a Dramatic Power Play

February 10 - 14

Adam, Chance Vegas Young and Restless

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While it’s improved, Young and the Restless was boring at times again this week. The same issues persist; characters/stories are annoyingly tame, and there’s way too much talk and not enough action. Sometimes it feels as though we’re just watching a show comprised of conversations between different characters.

Not in the loop

The beats are continuing to be played well with Sharon’s breast cancer, but I’ve found myself waiting for more characters to find out, so it doesn’t feel so isolated from other storylines. I’m looking forward to reactions from other characters who have history with Sharon such as Nikki and Adam. While Sharon has two caring men with Rey and Nick, it was mere months ago when Adam told her she had always been the one and proposed so he should be in the loop regardless of having reconciled with Chelsea. In fact, those complicated feelings are what add complexities to existing relationships and layers to the story.

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Not a lot of drama

In the previous Deconstructing Y&R, the quadrangle got messier in a good way. Theo made some viewers swoon by choosing not to take Lola up on her offer to hook up when she was in a vulnerable state and that kiss up against the freezer may have won the pairing a few new fans.

Kyle had a heart-to-heart with Jack, who doled out some sage advice but it was a bit disappointing for him to express regret over his playboy days. Sure, he broke some hearts, and in Patty Williams’ case it went rather terrifyingly beyond that, but it made him sound a bit ‘out to pasture’, which maybe is how the powers that be see him now. They certainly seem content to leave him single and as a ‘talk-to’ figure. Anyway, other than Summer defending her reunion with Kyle to her parents, and Kyle’s life (and slightly retconned past) with Lola being packed up in record time, not a lot of drama to speak of – Kyle even decided that Theo wasn’t a problem anymore. The storyline wrapped for the week with Jack counseling Kyle and Summer to live lives of honesty and kindness. A lovely sentiment, but this is a soap opera…

Not hot commodities

It seems we’ve moved on from alternate personalities to round 3587 of Billy being an addict, but now it’s not gambling, it’s thrill-seeking. If I’m feeling tired, the story’s probably not working. The scenes with Billy and Amanda shouting from the rooftops were good, but it’s worth-noting Billy’s lack of awareness as he works to help Amanda deal with her abusive ex, while being an ass to Victoria, also an abuse survivor. I don’t feel much in the way of romantic chemistry with Amanda and Billy. She has chemistry with Nate, but they’re still writing him as such a stick-in-the-mud with his backgammon, lectures, and polite compliments that it’s tough to see him as a hot commodity. In related commentary, I think Ripley will be back.

Scratching the surface

I loved the gift of the replica car that Victoria and Nick had made for their father to harken back to the early days of Victor Newman building his empire and I’m really looking forward to Nikki’s gala anniversary celebration, which should feature a ‘who’s who’ of Genoa City guest list. I was so pleasantly surprised by Ashley stopping in at the ranch to visit Victor prior to the event but felt the lack of drama they had to discuss was very telling. Their rich and sometimes painful history wasn’t delved into, and though the actors immediately recaptured the intimate air shared between these two I was disappointed their conversation was largely platitudes about retirement. Jack came in after his sister left, and at least he and Victor got into a charged conversation about Billy. I miss their epic clashes.

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Something big

I was into the Vegas storyline mainly in hopes that something significant enough would develop that Phyllis could use it to make a dramatic power play of some sort. Certainly finding out Adam killed someone was a bombshell, but of course, the footnote is that it was self-defense so there’s an out, and it’s really not bad at all as he was protecting Chance who was a federal agent at the time, albeit undercover. The powers that be keep making everything so tame. The main issue seems to be that Adam and Chance are covering it up, so more power to Phyllis in using this to make something happen.

Miss you

Loved seeing Lauren, Michael, Esther, Kevin and Chloe, and the mention of Terrible Tom was a boon, but I’m mystified and a little angered by them having no real storyline and being trotted out for these sitcom-style scenes once in a blue moon.

This is just my opinion. Feel free to share your thoughts using the comment section.


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