Deconstructing Y&R: The Kyle, Lola, Theo & Summer Quadrangle Got Messier in a Good Way

February 3 - 7

Nate, Amanda, Billy and Victoria argue publicly Young and Restless

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The Young and the Restless has been more engaging lately; Sharon’s storyline, the quadrangle drama, and Victoria calling Billy out in public have helped, and there have been some well-written scenes with comic relief. That said, there’s still a lack of big exciting drama and a certain mistrust of the powers that be in their ability to make things make sense or deliver what viewers want to see when it comes to pairings etc.

Here we go again

Jack’s reactions to Billy striding into his office, declaring he’d had an epiphany and informing him he’d be living his ‘authentic’ life from now on, were priceless. From Jack’s ‘here we go again’ air at the beginning to his snarky, resigned, ‘I’ll be here when it doesn’t work out’ at the end, it was perfection. At this point, I don’t even know if we’re supposed to believe Billy’s going off the deep end or being completely genuine. Regardless, it’s made a mess of the character, who seems a gigantic ass, and that’s down to the writing. On another note, I enjoy the friendship between Billy and Amanda; it was a relief he showed up when Ripley, (played by Christian Keyes), was there, and I hope the powers that be don’t mess that up. I’ll be interested to see how in-depth they go with this stalker storyline and whether it will open up more about her past.

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Wow, as hoped for in the previous Deconstructing Y&R, the quadrangle blew up, and Kyle and Lola made the decision to end their marriage very quickly. It surprised me until I realized there wasn’t much point in continuing to fight for it when he’d essentially told her he wanted Summer. I think it felt rushed because we hadn’t seen Kyle do a lot of pining for Summer, at least not in the way he was consumed with thoughts of Lola while married to Summer. I think the split would have felt more organic if there had been more obvious signs of him being genuinely torn all along. With that said, the breakup was very well acted, I felt for both Kyle and Lola in the kitchen scenes. Summer and Kyle giving into their feelings immediately, especially as Jack was leaving Kyle a message about ‘doing something crazy he couldn’t undo’ was messy in a good, soapy way. Then there was Theo hanging around Society trying to comfort Lola. He seems so out of his depth having real feelings for someone and wears his heart on his sleeve around her – it’s kind of adorable. Unless he’s plotting…well, I can’t go there. When Mariah was warning Lola about him, I smiled at Lola admitting she liked his bad boy side. Anyway, there was drama, and I was feeling stuff, and that’s what I’d hoped for. It’s an improvement.

All the emotions

Phyllis’ awkward deer in the headlights reaction to Sharon’s cancer continued to be right on the money. I’m all for more scenes with her and Nick throughout this storyline as they each get the other’s connection with Sharon. The Phyllis and Sharon scenes are gold too – I’m a sucker for frenemies who set aside their differences in times of real crisis. In Sharon’s standalone episode on Friday, I felt drawn in the entire time and I definitely got emotional a few times, especially at the end when Cassie watched over Sharon, Faith and Mariah sleeping.

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Okay cupid

Abby and Chance hooked up in her suite and her employees guessed she wasn’t actually at the dentist. It was cute, and they do seem well-matched, but I fear that will equal boring. Without Phyllis stirring the pot they don’t even have a storyline at this point. Unless you count Chance’s endless one-sided phone calls about the ‘target’. Hopefully, something will come out of the months of teasing about ‘what happened in Vegas’.

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