Deconstructing Y&R: Genoa City’s Storm Too Subtle to Be Soapy

December 2- 6

Amanda and Billy talk at bar Young and Restless

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With so many Y&R characters going from exciting to tragically boring, ratings falling, and stories moving slowly with no clear vision, the powers that be are on the hook. That said, and in trying to find positives, there were a few promising developments on Young and the Restless this week.

Lights out

When the power goes out on a soap opera and various characters get stuck together to ride it out, you know juicy stuff is going to happen, right? That was not the case in Genoa City, however, as I was left stunned that the only thing that went down was a lot more talking. It’s not that the scenes weren’t good, they were. There was obviously chem-testing going on with Billy/Amanda and Victoria/Rey, and I appreciated the tease but hold out little hope that the current powers that be will actually go anywhere with it as they’ve a proven track record of playing it boringly safe. Nick/Phyllis and Chelsea/Adam revisited their pasts, and even though the actors were able to draw me in given the characters’ histories, in the end it was all too subtle to be soapy.


Billy’s either lost, or another alter has taken over, or maybe both. I’m feeling kind of lost with this plot. Billy walking around aimlessly and talking to himself is going to get old fast, and there’s some impatience with the character repeating patterns. I’m willing to take messy if it means something will actually happen. The revelation that Billy is not fulfilled by the things he always believed he wanted in life is plausible/interesting, but make it lead somewhere exciting and maybe different.

Fired up

As mentioned in the last Deconstructing Y&R, Devon not leading his own story was not at all a good look. Now that the case is suddenly a conflict of interest for Chance, we’re finally getting to see Devon fired up about the situation and searching for Colin at least. Elena, too, has had some interesting scenes, and I’m glad we’re not just seeing her snap at Amanda, but also the vulnerability beneath as revealed in her conversation with Nate. With Devon dreaming of Hilary (and Amanda), it not only bodes well for a quadrangle, but is a reminder that we still need Amanda’s backstory and true connection (if any) to Hilary.

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Chant change

I audibly sighed when Connor started out whining for the umpteenth time in yet another episode, so the development with the chanting was welcome, not only because it was a change, but because there’s story potential with him wanting to get rid of Sharon. Maybe he does have ‘the darkness’ inside… Aside from that, Chelsea and Adam growing closer and Nick’s reactions are both predictable and watching this play out at a snail’s pace isn’t helping. The conversation with Phyllis giving her blunt style of ‘advice’ to Nick about the matter was entertaining – they riff off each other so well in scenes.

The unexpected

The twist at the end of Friday’s show with the jewelry falling out of Abby’s purse was appreciated as it actually left me wanting to see the next episode to learn more, but especially because it was unexpected, which is fun.

I didn’t mind the scenes with Abby banning and firing Phyllis beforehand either as they’ve gotten into a good rhythm with the verbal sparring. That said, it feels like an ongoing string of incidents and arguments at Grand Phoenix rather than a storyline.

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