Deconstructing Y&R: Jack’s Reflection Offsets Uninventive Tedium

November 25 - 29

Jack reflects Young and Restless

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In the last Deconstructing Y&R, the show was disappointing and it almost seemed to get worse as some of the week’s offerings were incredibly uninventive and bland. I miss unexpected little twists and reveals that make me gasp, building anticipation, controversial couples and scandals, and I don’t understand the focus on certain characters while others take a backseat either; it’s not working. That said, Peter Bergman’s special episode was lovely and getting to see Jill and Colin is always a highlight.


Peter Bergman as Jack Abbott reading the Abbott family memoir was everything I thought it would be, I only wished there had been time to get much more in-depth. The flashbacks were fun to watch again; it made many long for the drama of the past, especially considering the current state of the show. I think the biggest draw in this episode, however, was watching Jack’s reactions as he read and reflected. Bergman is always able to bring viewers into the emotion of the moment and is utterly authentic – it’s brilliant.

Where there’s a will…

Aside from getting scenes with the rascal-y Colin and Jill, the will storyline has been off-putting. While Devon sat back in Genoa City lamenting to Nick, there was NuChance confronting Colin. I had no issue with him or Cane going to the Maldives, but Devon should have been there as well, leading the charge. Anyway, Devon, once again, got to weigh in after the fact, which made for some solid scenes, and I enjoyed the snarking between Elena and Amanda, but I want Devon to have his inheritance back so Colin taking off was dissatisfying. Cane vowing to find the money and return it at some unknown date, if ever, was Daniel Goddard’s exit from Young and Restless, which was rather lame, and a lost opportunity for big drama.

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I’ve not been able to see the appeal of a Nick/Chelsea/Adam triangle from the beginning, but this back and forth centering on Connor has been excruciating – I guess it’s family drama, but there’s no drama – just a lot of talk and fretting, and it’s made me tired of Connor and his wheedling and issues; a shame, because he was fun back when he was locking Christian in the garage. I’m just not feeling it, and why involve Sharon if you’re not going to bother playing on the sexual tension and history within this trio. What’s the point? Moreover, how do you take a character like Adam and make him dull?! Mind you, these are the ‘powers that be’ who have Victor Newman in cardigans watching The Price is Right

Putting Nick back in Phyllis’ orbit was a positive move, and I’ve enjoyed the brother/sister scenes between Nick and Victoria, but I’m surprised at her being fine with Billy being aimless. Billy’s therapy session was interesting, but that’s all I’ve got.

Dishonorable mention

Besides talk, the latest plot point at the Grand Phoenix involved the guests with the jewelry, who were more annoying than comical, and the robberies. There was no doubt in my mind this was geared to Abby getting Chance to stay and investigate and that’s exactly what happened. Again, I don’t understand the focus on Abby’s stress, with Phyllis merely plugged in to needle whoever walks through the door. Anyway, Abby asked Chloe about Chance, which was a nice nod to history, but Chloe then proceeded to go on about how honest and trustworthy he was – odd given their relationship ended because he had sex with Heather when they were engaged…

High hopes

I was excited for some drama with Theo starting work at Jabot but there wasn’t any, just a lot more of Kyle rolling his eyes and snarking, and awkward scenes like Theo hugging Summer at work and Lola gushing to Kyle about Theo wanting to make a good first impression. I had high hopes here because I’m intrigued by the Theo character but this is falling flat. Kyle being grumpy isn’t a story. Please reference Jack’s Jabot flashbacks with Victor to see big drama in the workplace.

Nothing to write home about

It was a basic Genoa City Thanksgiving but nothing to write home about. The Abbotts were only mentioned, and the events at the Newman ranch and Crimson Lights were heartwarming but nothing more. The only bit of drama was tension with Nick and Chelsea, and Nate and Elena. I can’t figure out if Elena’s jealous of Nate’s interest in Amanda, or the fact that Amanda looks like Devon’s ex-wife, or both. I was frustrated by the choice to have Phyllis push herself on Adam again, with him ‘tolerating’ her. When Chelsea came in and eyeballed the wine glasses, the air should have been rife with jealousy and sexual tension, but it wasn’t.

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