Deconstructing Y&R: Watered-Down Rivalries and Mundane Pairings

November 11 - 15

Chelsea Nick mundane pairings Young and Restless

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Please note: this column may contain spoilers from our Young and Restless Recap: Nick Drops out of Politics which was pre-empted in the US on Friday November 15.

Watching Young and Restless continues to be an exercise in frustration for me. Why does everyone behave so congenial now? Jeffery Vincent Parise’s Simon Black even sported an air of regret as he terrorized his hostages. I keep coming back to the same complaint – this is a soap opera that isn’t soapy enough, with watered-down rivalries and an uncanny knack for mundane pairings and not a single affair in sight.

Out of touch

While the hostage-taking was an appreciated attempt at upping the tension and excitement level, as with so much of the writing, it played out rather predictably. The signaled intent to pair Chance with Abby tells me the show is as out-of-touch with what viewers want to see as feared. I hold out no hope that he’ll accidentally fall into bed with someone else because that would be soapy goodness and I haven’t seen a single character have sex with anyone but their designated love interest since Sharon got it on with Adam, and they were both single at the time. In the fallout from the hostage situation, Nick was on the outside as Chelsea clung to Adam and Connor, then had his campaign negatively impacted, and apparently he would rather drop out than get angry with Chelsea. As noted in the last Deconstructing Y&R, Nick running for office is boring and so is his current pairing. The powers that be mistakenly believe they’ve got a hot triangle going with Nick/Chelsea/Adam and they have Nick behaving out of character to enable it, much as they did when he glossed over Chelsea’s transgressions when she returned.

Shown the door

Phyllis seems to appreciate Chance’s manly-man vibe, but what is with her continually pushing herself on Adam? It’s beyond me what she wants from him and she comes across as foolish constantly showing up in his orbit with her questions and cryptic comments only to be shown the door. I’m fine with her being messy, but at this point, Phyllis should be gunning for Adam because he’s rejected her; that would be typical of her character.


It was irritating that we had all these scenes with Amanda, Cane, and Chance discussing the will, and the reveal that Chance was not behind it, yet there hasn’t even been a Devon sighting, let alone him being in the center of the unfolding story given that it has to do with his inheritance! With Tristan Rogers returning to Young and Restless as Colin, there’s little doubt left that he was the con artist behind it all. What remains to be seen is the outcome as far as where the second will came from and who will end up with the money.

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Competing Abbotts

I enjoyed the scenes with Ashley and Theo, and Jack’s ire over her offer was telling; the siblings are still a little competitive. The tension with Kyle and Billy at Jabot doesn’t hold much interest as both characters have become irritable and less likable of late. Billy visiting Victoria’s office for sex was fun, especially with the assistant’s reactions, but I still see them as having lukewarm chemistry better suited to friends.

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