Deconstructing Y&R: The Good, Interesting, the ‘Almost’ & the Boring

October 14 - 18

Lola was almost pregnant on Young and Restless

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The Young and the Restless was too unexciting too much of the time this week, and the powers that be are proving to have a disturbing sixth sense for focusing on stories/characters/pairings that few want to see. While there are often riveting, emotional or confrontational scenes, the trend of things ‘almost’ happening or ‘getting good’ then fizzling, continues unabated. Repeating the sentiment from the last Deconstructing Y&R, the show needs to be soapier with follow-through on at least some of the shocking developments being teased.

The good

Phyllis posing on the phone as Cane’s assistant, wife, girlfriend, then hilariously, Jill Abbott, made for some solid comic relief. I also enjoyed her verbal sparring with Sharon – those two are and always will be gold… Theo’s struggle to change continued to get my attention and they are playing all the beats – Kyle becoming vehement with Lola about Theo, Kyle softening toward Theo when he looked after Lola, Theo’s conversation with Summer, and Theo being sweet to Lola – as they build toward wherever they’re going with this; a quadrangle I’d think.

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The interesting

The bit with Dina and Stuart Brooks is intriguing, and they’re moving it along at a decent pace, which I like. Traci’s mention of the Brooks sisters and phone call with Leslie was a cool throwback for those who remember them too. Theories abound on where this is leading.

As for Traci heading out to clear her head and ending up having a drink with Adrian, all I could think was ‘eek’. First, I didn’t know what they were thinking bringing another Rosales back, which quickly became ‘poor Traci’ as he began chatting her up. We all want Traci to find someone but he is clearly trouble with a capital ‘T’… Devon and Elena’s sexy time at the Grand Phoenix was smoldering; her recording of the jazz festival was a nice touch, and their ensuing run-in with Amanda had me more convinced than ever that Colin is behind the whole will mess. In related commentary, hopefully Cane bringing home the will someone wanted him to find will help to move forward with the storyline as we’re in a stall pattern with Amanda having the same conversations with Devon and Nate repeatedly. It was beginning to defy logic for a busy lawyer to be hanging around in Genoa City while nothing progresses regarding a will that is beyond the statute of limitations to contest.

The almost

Victor’s text to Billy to come over and discuss how he tried to run down his son had me full of anticipation for a blowout, but it was a letdown when Victor let him off the hook – why would the powers that be water down this rivalry, which was so fun to watch? Billy Newman indeed… In another ‘almost’, Lola had a pregnancy scare, and while it was cute how it played out, it seems like eons since anything teased on this soap opera has actually come to fruition in a big, shocking way. Adam was almost run over, Sharon and Adam almost got engaged, Victor was almost dead, etc…

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The boring

Abby’s break up with Nate left me shrugging my shoulders; I didn’t care much one way or the other… Sharon and Rey ‘dating’ isn’t doing much for me. They make a good-looking couple for sure, but I’m just not feeling a lot in their scenes… Nick considering becoming a councilman could admittedly be a good fit for him but isn’t overly interesting. Neither are his ‘happy family’ scenes with Chelsea; this couple is straight-up dull and all they have to talk about is Adam. I was rolling my eyes at Nick lecturing Connor on how to be a bigger man and not punch people, when that’s his go-to. Connor’s antics were the only thing keeping this watchable.

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