Deconstructing Y&R: Drawn-In by Emotional Drama, Still Seeking Shake-Ups

October 7 - 11

Victor hugs Victoria Young and Restless

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At long last there are a few plots drawing me in on Young and Restless, or at least some stand-out scenes and developing possibilities. However, the overall feel is still subdued and low-key. As mentioned in the last Deconstructing Y&R, the show needs to be soapier and more salacious; it’s still lacking the kind of juicy occurrences that keep viewers buzzing and wanting more, especially where the pairings are concerned.


I was so moved by the scene at Newman Enterprises between Victor and Victoria as he did the unexpected, accepted her terms, and handed over his legacy to the child who has done the most to earn it. The background music, the emotion, the tears in their eyes…ugh, it had me crying and my heart swelling. With that said, I don’t necessarily believe, or want to believe, that Victor will remain ‘hands-off’ and become a cardigan-wearing couch-sitter, and I’ll admit a teeny part of me wanted him to refuse Victoria’s terms just to see what would happen. In related commentary, I was relieved that Victoria didn’t entertain the idea of going to work with Billy after the Brash & Sassy fiasco. In fact, I hope Victoria’s success causes problems between them. While I appreciate the aspect of them being supportive of one another, they have brother/sister chemistry and this show desperately needs to shake up the ‘looks good on paper’ pairings and change things up.

Looking for answers

Though Amanda Sinclair’s been strictly cool and professional so far, due to her resemblance to Hilary and the effect she’s having on Devon, I’m eager to learn more about her and the situation surrounding the will. This storyline had stalled a bit with the person behind the challenge not showing up or making a next move, and Devon and Amanda’s exchanges about it becoming repetitive. For that reason, Cane’s trip to Vegas had me interested, as I was feeling the need to have questions answered…much like Phyllis. Her badgering of Adam got a tad annoying, and I don’t actually understand what she wants from him, as she’s telling him to stop seeking revenge one minute, then pushing him to seek payback again the next, but I do know she’ll get answers where others won’t, so I like her involvement. Cane being hit over the head certainly confirms suspicions that this ‘new will’ situation is shady.

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Onto something

The initial exchange between Theo and Lola in the kitchen when he passed out was weirdly intriguing and their scenes this week confirmed that the powers that be are onto something. It’s odd that they’re even interacting, yet I’m buying it in the context of Lola being the type who wants to ‘fix’ things/people, plus unlikely duos often have appeal to me. The idea that Lola is seeing through the bad-boy persona that Theo hides behind, and we’re subtly seeing his vulnerabilities, along with the rejection he’s been experiencing, makes it feel as though Theo’s on the verge of some sort of breakthrough or breakdown…whatever it is I want to see more. Theo’s relative, Eric Vanderway, is coming to Young and Restless, which could be part of the exposition. In any case, with Summer and Kyle throwing long thoughtful looks in each others’ direction after their conversations recently, the potential is even there for a Summer/Kyle/Lola/Theo quadrangle, which could blow up into a big, hot (sexy!) mess – exactly what this show needs.

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