Deconstructing Y&R: Chemistry and Curiosity Create Renewed Interest

September 23 - 27

Amanda, Devon, Elena curiosity plot Young and Restless

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The Young and the Restless improved a bit for me this week, with curiosity on how the dramas surrounding Katherine’s will and Victor faking his death would play out, and the chemistry between certain pairs of characters leaving me wanting more…in one case very unexpectedly. The problem is, I’m using ‘potential pairings’ and ‘trying to figure things out’ as a means to create and keep up some interest in the show. Young and Restless continues to have dialogue and plot points that seem to be heading to something huge, but end up going nowhere.

Pills and proposals

In the last Deconstructing Y&R, it seemed clear Victor wasn’t dead, and that was confirmed when he revealed himself after Victoria’s arrest. I don’t even know how to feel about all of this. Letting those outside the loop believe Victor has passed away is pretty cruel. Adam was getting what he had coming karmically speaking, as he took a dangerous risk doubling his father’s meds, but still to be revealed is that the pill plot was set in motion by Billy trying to run Adam down and Adam mistakenly believing Victor had tried to kill him. So, who knows how it will all shake out? In related story, Adam turned down Sharon’s offer to be there for him as she wasn’t willing to be more than a friend or his conscience. It’s been a minute since I felt so ‘glued to the screen’ waiting to see how he would handle the offer or whether she would say she loved him. The chemistry between these two is undeniable despite their history. Her ensuing scenes with Rey were snooze-worthy in comparison.

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Something cooking?

There are bound to be some upset people when they realize Victor was faking his death, Summer among them, but the tragedy has brought her closer to Kyle, who is being an attentive and caring ‘friend’. Meanwhile, what was that scene with Theo and Lola in the kitchen and why was I left feeling they weirdly had chemistry? With Theo showing a different side to himself in recent scenes, I sense the powers that be are making changes with the character. If he were to grow up a bit, the prospects could be intriguing.

More questions than answers

Thankfully, Amanda Sinclair has proven to be a force of nature as hoped. So much so, she’s brought some life to the Elena/Devon pairing. That said, I still think Devon should be more rattled by this doppelganger – showing him in some private moments of grief/distress even, would enhance the story. Mariah’s reaction to coming face-to-face with Amanda was spot on. There’s been speculation as to whether Amanda will turn out to be Hilary’s long-lost twin sister, and I expect that’s a good possibility, but first, we need to know more about this business with the will. I found myself agreeing with Devon when he read excerpts from the will to Elena and said those were Katherine’s words…why would Chance mess with her final wishes? Jill’s right that it’s not in Chance’s nature, but Nick’s information suggested he had changed for the worse. I find it odd Devon can’t reach Tucker and Chance can’t come to Genoa City etc. There must be more to the story.

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Special moment

Jack, as always, had me misty-eyed during his scenes with Dina, and while describing them to Traci afterward. That said, while I would have bought him choosing to forgive his mother for the choices she made that hurt them so deeply, to act as though it was not only understandable, but heroic, for her to walk away from her children because she ‘wanted more’ seemed odd to me. She could have divorced John and pursued a career while maintaining contact with her children. Jack wanting to write the Abbott family story is nice, especially knowing Traci will stay in Genoa City as a result, but I couldn’t help but think during Jack’s chat with Sharon at Society that a content Jack Abbott is a boring Jack Abbott.

That’s just my opinion – I’d love to read yours. Feel free to post in the comments.


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