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Deconstructing Y&R: Lukewarm pairings, tame troublemakers lower ratings

March 20 - 24:

While it’s understandable to cause rifts between passionate couples such as Hilary and Devon or Colin and Jill in order to build back to reconciliation, it makes less sense to push pairings with little or no onscreen chemistry to the point of alienating a portion of the audience. Worse, there’s little else going on to compensate as the show’s notorious schemers, screw-ups and baddies such as Phyllis, Billy, and Victor have spent the last few months doling out sage advice and helping people, and some of the storylines and dialogue are bogged down in domestic dullness. Thoughts:

All business no pleasure?
It was fun to have a little intrigue/fire injected into Billy and Victoria’s business storyline with the video footage and the clashes with Jack and Gloria this week, and the kiss bumped it up a notch, but is a notch enough? If, after months of pushing a couple on an almost daily basis, there isn’t a rousing response from viewers…it might be time to look at taking those characters in other directions. Sally Sussman made it clear she didn’t see a future for Billy and Phyllis, but months after their affair, in a scene in a coffee shop, just a look between them made many want to see them get busy right there on the table…that is the kind of chemistry that writers ought to be watching for and utilizing.

Reality ‘Chick’.
Nick and Chelsea are as boring as Nick and Sage. There’s little to no sizzle, all they have to talk about is Sage, Adam, death, and their kids…and the reality is that few want to hear about Sage, Nick actually hated Adam, so his new reflective and respectful outlook on his half-brother is bunk, and Christian isn’t even Nick’s and Chelsea knows it. What exactly are we supposed to be feeling about this? Fans were left shaking their heads at Nick giving Sage’s inheritance to Chelsea for Connor.

Red flag deal.
As part of the Nick/Chelsea storyline, it looks as if Chloe’s presence at the cabin might be on the verge of exposure, which at least gives us something to anticipate. Kevin and Chloe, a couple who should have been left in the ‘friendzone’ way back when, are now engaged, but considering it’s been a week loaded with red flags where Chloe’s stability and ability to conceal her role in Adam’s death is concerned, it probably won’t end well. At least it will end. What then? Kevin vies with Devon for Mariah? Ack. Since Chloe almost confessed drunkenly to Scott, and her comments seemed to pique his curiosity…might he be the one to figure it all out? P.S. I was pretty into Scott’s scenes with Sharon. When he got up and left her table, I wanted him to go back!

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Who’s the boss?
So Mariah is now dating Devon; her co-worker (and new boss’s) recent ex. There was no prior indication that they were attracted to one another, and for many it’s yet another pairing with friend chemistry only. Of course you can’t complain about a lack of sizzle between Hilary and Jordan – he seems to share chemistry with most of the females he encounters. It makes you wonder if he’ll somehow end up caught between Hilary and Lily down the road.

Tokyo rose.
In last week’s Deconstructing Y&R, it seemed a shake up was imminent between Cane and Lily, and with Juliet pushing for Cane to land her a promotion, his uneasy air about the night in Tokyo, and Lily acting a tad territorial about Jordan, things could happen. Fans reacted to Cane’s drama:

The only thing that matters.
After he stole her money, gave her a heart attack, and sold her ring, Jill forgave Colin and they headed off on a trip around the world. So much of it really didn’t make sense, and yet I was drawn in when they kissed and made up. They have that intangible ‘something’.

Friday notes.
I got a kick out of Jordan and Lily finding the nightgown/camisole in the trash at Brash & Sassy, while simultaneously, Cane was receiving a message from Juliet saying she was on her way to town. Ack! I was also intrigued by the idea of Devon starting his own company, but it crossed my mind to wonder why he hadn’t done this back when things were still better between him and Hilary. There’s also the question of him doing it with Neil; clearly the writers want to reset the relationship after the bizarre developments between the two that some feel should never have happened.

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– Candace Young


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