Deconstructing Y&R: Drug-Fueled Comedy Bright Spot Amid Bland Offerings

September 9 - 13

Mariah and Tessa stoned Young and Restless

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The Young and the Restless plot with Abby’s signature sangria drinks being spiked with MDMA at the big opening was definitely entertaining, and a nice respite from feeling dragged down by the offerings lately. The show is just not soapy enough. Rivalries are tepid and romantic couples are too drama-free. Plus things don’t make sense. Case in point: Phyllis, who last week teamed with Adam and gleefully goaded him into getting his ‘payback’ suddenly wanted him to be a better person and stop feuding with Victor.


In the last Deconstructing Y&R, boring choices were called out and while everyone getting drugged at the party was undeniably entertaining, once again the powers that be played it safe – kissing instead of sex, and minor medical incidents – and the culprit was not a main character, but Zoe, seeking revenge over the stupidest secret ever. It all seemed geared to getting Phyllis back into the Grand Phoenix, and while I appreciate that development, it will mean watching her work with the two sourest characters, Abby and Chelsea.

Even when Abby’s happy and squealing she’s annoying, and Chelsea’s speech about ‘it’s been a long road’ and ‘working her way back’ was an eye-roller. What did she do? She returned to town, paid no consequences for her actions, inherited a pile of money, then joined the Grand Phoenix project a week before the opening (to launder said money) and got to take credit. Oy. On a positive note, the spiked sangria gave many of the actors an opportunity to play comedic beats, with Tessa, Mariah, and Sharon being especially hilarious. Even those who weren’t drugged were a hoot as they realized what was going on; like when it dawned on Chelsea, who whisper-blurted to Abby with a touch of horror, “Everyone is tripping!”

No way

The day after the party, both Rey and Adam checked on Sharon with nothing much coming of it other than they learned she was planning a trip. Adam hinted he was thinking of going on a trip too, which raised the temperature in Crimson Lights a bit, and also raised the hopes of a few fans that they might go off together, but the scene ended with him just smiling when she didn’t twig to the idea. Unless he follows her, the more likely scenario is her running into Jack, and any romantic re-pairing of those two is just the most off-putting prospect imaginable. In a recent poll, a whopping 71% of respondents said ‘no way’ to supporting a Jack and Sharon pairing.

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Next level

Devon and Elena exchanged ‘I love you’s’ after his Molly-induced panic attack and it was a beautiful moment, but I keep seeing signs that Nate and Elena are also attracted to each other, which could become an issue at some point. In the meantime, there’s the contested will to deal with and we’ll have to see what happens with that and what effect it will have on Devon. Devon also confided in Mariah, who was determined to continue the dance she’s been doing with Theo – she seems stimulated by the challenge. When Theo tried to make inroads with Tessa both professionally and personally, rather than cut ties, Mariah was amused by his latest attempt at a power move, which left me sensing trouble if this escalates.

Weak spells

Victor kept taking weak spells and there was more forgetfulness after taking the higher dose of pills Adam snuck into the house, and while it seemed dire, there was speculation that it might actually cure him, a twist and may have already happened. As Victor collapsed and Nate was unable to find a pulse, I figured it was all a set-up between the two (and possibly Nikki) to mess with Adam. After all, it would have been ridiculously easy for Nate to put two and two together given Adam stole his tablet and Victor would have had increased levels of the meds in his blood after Adam visited the ranch. In related, Victoria finally learned where Billy was at, but prior to that I was amused wondering how Chloe and Kevin had managed to keep him in the boathouse all this time – were they continually injecting him with sedatives, and where were they even getting them? Too funny.

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