Deconstructing Y&R: Lackluster Offerings As Big Secret Falls Flat

August 12 - 16

Summer Theo secret Young and Restless

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The last Deconstructing Y&R, talked about snooze-worthy storylines and pairings on The Young and the Restless, and that, unfortunately, has continued. I’m just bored by a lot of the show and feeling no anticipation about tuning in each day. One issue is the lack of compelling material for couples who are together – while some moments are undeniably swoon-y or sexy, there is nothing of any real consequence happening; nothing at stake, no scandal, no excitement, and no depth to their stories. Nate coaxes Abby, Devon and Elena act supportive of one another and have sex, and Tessa and Mariah look at videos, kiss, and give pep talks – where’s the drama? I keep hoping to be taken by surprise by a twist we don’t see coming or for something off-the-wall to happen to spice things up and inject some energy.

Groundwork set

The strongest scenes surrounding Chelsea, Adam, and the custody battle situation have been the more personal ones in which the plot falls away and the characters’ true nature comes through, such as Connor reconnecting with Adam, Devon sharing his relevant life experiences with Adam, Chelsea calling out Anita’s deception, and Adam showing his vulnerability and pain where Victor’s concerned. The plot point with Victoria pretending Christian was sick, then taking him to Chancellor Park was straight up dumb and many called it out:

In any case, the groundwork is set for viewers to feel conflicted and to take sides. I appreciate the family drama but can’t get past the rewrites in this 2013 rehash – Adam was cool with everyone before the explosion, so the entire premise this storyline is built on rings false for all parties involved. At this point, I’m in it for the raw emotional scenes and maybe some Shadam shenanigans.

Jabot it is

I liked the idea of Jack ‘checking in’ on Victor and enjoyed the scene at the Abbott house with Ashley and Jack deciding to stick with Jabot as the name for the merger company. I do appreciate Ash being around more, and loved watching her and Traci giving Kyle marriage advice. As for Jack volunteering to go to Miami and bring Celeste back for the wedding, there was never a doubt Ol’ Smilin’ would be able to charm her.

Up for grabs

Phyllis’ desperation tour continued as she tried to find a buyer for the Grand Phoenix and was soundly turned away by Devon before approaching Abby, who agreed to buy it and let Phyllis manage it, however, it remains to be seen if Adam will sell it to her. Again, with Chelsea coming into all that money and needing to launder it (so much for walking the straight and narrow), I can see her ending up as the purchaser as she’s also seeking purpose, but again, wish I cared more one way or the other.

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Wedding wishes

In the lead up to Kyle and Lola’s wedding my thoughts were mixed. The positives being that the actors truly do sell their characters’ romance and being madly in love. The wedding set did, in fact, look like a fairytale, and there was a bit of tension with Adrian Rosales crashing the wedding. However, I couldn’t help but think about how much more powerful making it to the altar would have been if their whole storyline hadn’t been so watered-down and botched. The powers that be never attempted a correction after ‘Pursegate’ to make Lola the more relatable force of nature she was when she first appeared (and instead just plowed ahead), Kyle lost the edginess that made him interesting after falling in love, and the nasty rivalry developing between Summer and Lola that could have blown up, fizzled out to nothing. Instead, we got Lola worrying about her parents, and contrived conflict with Theo inexplicably turning on Kyle. The big ‘secret’ was something that Kyle could have explained to Lola, just as Theo did to Summer, so it fell utterly flat. Fans reacted:

If there’s a split after Lola hears about it, it could be a catalyst to tweak their personalities and perspectives and reset the dynamics here, but something lame like Summer trying to help fix Kyle and Lola’s relationship wouldn’t even surprise me at this point.

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