Deconstructing Y&R: Feeling Apathetic About Many Plots and Pairings

July 22 - 26

Adam, Sharon, Nick and Victoria custody hearing Young and Restless

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Unfortunately, I feel apathetic about many of the Young and Restless storylines. Some of the things I looked forward to this week felt anticlimactic, such as Lauren becoming suspicious of Michael and Kevin, and Sharon and Chelsea coming face-to-face. In positives, I loved the bittersweet scenes between Victor and Nikki surrounding his illness and the Jack and Ashley reconciliation was a very welcome development, I was also intrigued by the prospect of Victoria and Phyllis teaming up against Adam.


In the last Deconstructing Y&R, rehashing past storylines felt frustrating and it’s been tough to get invested in the outcomes. It bears repeating that Chelsea’s attitude toward Adam makes no sense, and while I’m trying hard to ‘feel’ Adam’s complicated emotions in the custody scenario, it’s tough to buy into his disappointment about Christian knowing he was willing to walk away from the kid again if Chelsea returned to him with Connor. Chelsea’s run-in with Sharon was anticlimactic, as I’d expected Sharon to really let her have it after knocking her out and leaving her possibly for dead, but instead it turned into Sharon defending herself against Chelsea’s accusations that she was responsible for Adam’s actions.

Chelsea then telling Sharon, “For Adam it’s always been you,” didn’t ring true to me, just like the idea that Adam still has this persuasive power over Sharon. As for the custody case, Victoria getting Christian was satisfying enough as a twist, and left me wondering how Billy will cope with Adam’s visitation, but the bottom line is I don’t much care who gets Christian (or who gets Chelsea for that matter), so watching all of this feels like biding time until we can move on. Putting Billy into Sharon’s orbit caught my attention, and his revelation about the gun made me wonder if we’re headed for another ‘who shot Adam?’ storyline. In related commentary, Victoria’s run-in with Sharon, Chelsea and Phyllis in the park was a highlight of the week for me, though it made me miss Gina Tognoni as Phyllis a bit because…murder coven. That said, all were in top form with the snappy snark and the unexpected idea of Victoria and Phyllis teaming to screw Adam over in the business environment was very appealing. Phyllis and Abby partnering is interesting too, to a lesser extent, and had me curious about what will happen.


I’m over the powers that be giving Lola umpteen contrived reasons to have issues with Kyle, and Theo pushing Celeste’s buttons was frustratingly dumb too – who doesn’t tell their mother they nearly died? That said, I loved the intensity of the scene where Kyle confronted Theo and got physical. Kyle was instantly interesting again. Theo’s pretty much a means to an end at this point, as it seems obvious from the foreshadowing that he’ll hurt Summer it will be Kyle to the rescue. If Theo’s involvement with Phyllis leads to a hook-up I wouldn’t be opposed; it would be just desserts for Summer going after Billy (which could then come out as part of the fallout). Anyway, Lola/Kyle/Summer had potential in the beginning, but right now I don’t feel invested in the outcome one way or another. While I was a little taken aback at Celeste gushing over Phyllis and Sharon, the mom talk was entertaining and Summer’s revelation showed a different side of her, which I appreciated. When it came to Rey walking out on Sharon, again, I was apathetic, which is disappointing.

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Calm before the storm

I enjoyed Devon and Elena hosting Nate and Abby, but it still has the feel of the calm before the storm…I just don’t know what the storm will bring and wonder if the dinner was foreshadowing of a quadrangle, especially with Nate and Abby having taken their relationship to another (hotter!) level as well, so there is more at stake. I also wondered if Jett’s illness would take Ana off-canvas as the powers that be didn’t seem to be following up on her working with Theo, and, unfortunately, it was confirmed that Loren Lott is exiting Young and Restless.

Bring it

I can’t say enough about the entertaining and emotional interactions between Michael and Kevin, who have the best onscreen brother chemistry I’ve seen. I hope Lauren gets more involved now that Kevin has left Michael to deal with Adam. More importantly, let’s see Michael snap and handle Adam, as we know he’s more than up to the task given his history. Enough of him pandering to Adam’s demands.

Looking ahead

Now that it’s a love-in with the Abbott siblings again, I’m wondering what will transpire to bring the drama, and who Jack will start canoodling with because I’ve rarely seen him go this long without a love interest. In related commentary, presumably Jack won’t be clashing with Victor as long as he’s dealing with his illness. Something tells me Victor’s going to stop the treatments and things will go haywire.

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