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Deconstructing Y&R: Cane and Lily shake up seems imminent

March 13 - 15

It was a short week due to Y&R being pre-empted for CBS March Madness NCAA Basketball coverage, and not much changed, though Cane’s misadventures in Tokyo could lead to issues in his marriage, Scott was introduced to Phyllis, and the opera gave viewers some decent snarky and comic moments as all gatherings should do. Thoughts:

All I want.
Hilary and Devon’s divorce hit a snag when the judge insisted there had to be a settlement and Hilary decided to ask for GC Buzz. Interesting way to either establish her independence moving forward or drag out the divorce if Devon won’t give it up.

What happens in Tokyo…
It felt like they dumbed Cane down a tad to make the plot points in Japan happen. Neither the ‘bro hug’ nor the excessive drinking seemed particularly believable for the character at this stage of the game – as mentioned in a previous Deconstructing Y&R, Cane has been obsessed about being taken seriously in business. Despite having been in this position before, it appears Cane was set up handily by Juliet. Since they had actual chemistry it was almost disappointing that it went that route. At the same time, Jordan turned into Lily’s big, strong protector…twice, which was admittedly hot. Later, Cane found a negligee in his suitcase and it suddenly seemed he had a more serious problem on his hands, as he either had sex with Juliet, or she had gone to some lengths to make him question whether he did. Eek. It’s not hard to see the writing on the wall here.

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Domestic diss.
Billy runs an errand for Victoria and then offers to be a part-time stay-at-home dad so she can focus on the company. Why can’t they hire help? Why are they persisting in watering down the Billy character this way? Why are they continuing to write Victoria as frazzled and incompetent?! A thousand ‘ughs’.

Reasons to stick around.
Lauren left Scott with ‘babysitter’ Phyllis in what was obviously a ‘chem test’. While Scotty’s appraising look at Phyllis was intriguing, there was nothing leaping off the screen in these initial scenes despite the attempt to inject a bit of a ‘Phick’ vibe with the pizza and beer. Anyway, if Phyllis and Scott were to have sex, I don’t think Lauren would be too pleased with her BFF, as she seems to regard Scott as a child, which, by the way, is super annoying. In related story, Victor said he might have some work for Scott, which I’m guessing would be to help write his memoir. Not sure how impassioned Scott is going to feel about that after what he’s been doing, but it is what it is and would keep him in Genoa City.

Opera outing.
Well, my favorite part about the opera was Michael falling asleep, which was hilarious! The snarky bits were fun, and the quirky Ravi stuff, but when it comes to Ashley and Neil it still seems like they don’t know what to do with them really. At least Ash gets to be fierce in business.

Wednesday notes.
The return of cutthroat Jack bumped the business storylines up a notch, as it’s always fun to see him and Ashley clash. Ravi displayed a real flair for the dramatic in his conversation with Ashley restating that they can’t be together. He seemed to be going to his dark side, which is a bummer. Colin and Jill, it seems obvious, will reunite after their respective meetings with Neil and Nikki. No surprise there.

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– Candace Young


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