Deconstructing Y&R: Rehashes of Past Storylines Are Frustrating

July 15 - 19

Billy holds doll in mansion Young and Restless

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Young and Restless bored the pants off me too often this week – it was tough coming up with compelling headlines for the recaps. That said, I was intrigued by Phyllis hinting she is using Adam, and with Michael’s interaction with Adam. The clash between Lola and Celeste also got my attention, and I enjoyed the heartfelt scenes in Paris with Ash and Jack.

Can’t go back

In the last Deconstructing Y&R, hopes were high for a Chance Chancellor return and they still are as we’ve now found out he’s gone off the grid; information that seemed to rattle Phyllis. We also got a Ronan Malloy mention, which was cool. I’m starting to think if Chance does have a connection to Adam that’s incriminating, he’ll likely show up at the eleventh hour of the custody hearing or just as Nick’s about to be forced to hand Christian over to his brother. I thought Kevin might save the day with the photos but Michael intervened (their struggle was hilarious) and began a negotiation with Adam…hmm. While the custody battle will probably be decent drama, no one’s really buying the narrative of Chelsea not wanting Adam because he’s a bad guy – she always knew who he was and loved him anyway (also she’s a con herself), so that continues making zero sense. In connected story, someone is clearly messing with Billy, and Jason Thompson is doing brilliant work as always, but I’m not into rehashing Delia’s death at all. The history ‘tweaks’ involved with these stories are especially frustrating, being contrary to Adam’s interactions with both Nick and Billy before his presumed death.

In a funk

Jack visiting Ashley was emotional as she gave him advice and genuinely teared up at the mention of losing Neil. I’m looking forward to seeing if Jack will make any life decisions as a result of the trip and the new perspective. It’s possible he’ll become more involved in Victor’s storyline as well as The Mustache’s vulnerability in his illness seems to affect Jack. The beats were played nicely in the family dinner scenes as Victor’s intermittent confusion struck his family members.

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As mentioned, I was intrigued by the idea that Phyllis is using Adam and though her plans aren’t clear, I can’t help but wonder if she’s successful, whether it will lead to a reunion with Nick or even Billy. I was less interested in her tiffs with Summer, who is coming across as a brat again. In related commentary, Theo is being painted as problematic as his mentions of New York caused issues for Lola and Kyle, and foreshadowing points to him hurting Summer (will Kyle be the one to comfort her?). Meanwhile, Lola’s also dealing with the disturbing knowledge that her mother is canoodling with her father again. I enjoyed watching their confrontation with Lola putting Celeste firmly on notice. It left me thinking we would probably see the notorious Adrian Rosales in Genoa City before too long.

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House swap

It appears as though Traci and Cane are over before they even began, and the ‘we’ll be best friends’ scene had a weird feel to it, as though the plug had been pulled. Here’s hoping that Traci stays on canvas and gets the love life she deserves. Meanwhile, Cane now has nowhere to live as Nate bought his house – did anyone else get the feeling Abby could be living there with him before long? Speaking of living together, Devon and Elena officially began cohabitating as a couple after some super sweet scenes. Whenever something is ‘established’ like this, it makes me leery that something is coming up to rock the boat.

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