Deconstructing Y&R: Characters’ Disillusionment & Panic Make No Sense

July 1 - 5

Chelsea disillusioned with Adam on Young and Restless

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The Young and Restless had a few things going on that didn’t make a lot of sense this past week. The carnival was fun, and something different.

Celeste test

I have to say I was relieved when Celeste admitted she’d figured out Lola and Kyle were living together and played them anyway. She was coming across as a June Cleaver type from decades past prior to that and it was concerning. So, she’s going to park herself in Lola’s apartment until the wedding, though no one knows when that is or if Kyle’s even divorced from Summer yet. Okay. Jack seemed as taken with Celeste as she was with him…not at all surprising. I suspect the blonde from Dina’s nursing home will be getting ‘friend-zoned’ pretty soon, and the way Jack rolls, Celeste might be residing in the Abbott manse before Kola’s wedding even takes place. In related, Summer’s drunken whining was on my last nerve. I didn’t blame Theo for doing a runner. Summer’s scenes with Phyllis, however, brought a genuine vulnerability (for both of them) and were very good. As for Phyllis unloading on Jack the next day about her relationship with Summer, I didn’t understand her panicked demeanor at all.

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Thanks, but no thanks

In the last Deconstructing Y&R, Chelsea’s return brought drama but the ensuing scenes haven’t made a lot of sense. She has no reason to be disillusioned with Adam, who she was ready to run off and start a new life with before he ‘died’. Also, Nick’s been incredibly forgiving toward Chelsea given all the things she did before/when she left Genoa City, which is out-of-character for him, just ask Phyllis and Sharon. As Chelsea left Society with her sugar daddy, Calvin, I sensed Nick would be coming to her rescue in some way, and with the scenario that unfolded with Adam arriving to see Chelsea in Nick’s arms after Calvin died, there’s little doubt the powers that be are eyeing a Chelsea/Nick/Adam triangle. A waste of time as there’s no doubt she’ll end up with Adam, and I’ll add there’s no part of me that wants to see the coma-inducing Chick pairing again even for a minute. I’m not alone:

Fence sitting

Trane kept chugging along with Cane joining Traci’s family celebration. The look Jack gave them was priceless. They made plans to meet up in New York and while I applaud the powers that be for going slow, I’m still on the fence. At some point, perhaps it would be interesting if Traci became more confident and less shy and blush-y about the whole thing. It might add something to the chemistry.

No games

The carnival set was amazing and one of my favorite scenes was Devon and Elena running into Nikki and Victor, with the joking offset by Nikki’s heartfelt expression of how nice it was to see Devon happy again. Devon and Elena have evolved into a couple pretty seamlessly, even dealing with their ‘roadblocks’ with relative ease…perhaps too much ease? Makes me wonder what’s next for them.

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Old jeans

Watching Mariah and Kevin together again was like sliding back into an old pair of comfortable jeans…they play off one another so well, much like her and Kyle. I got caught up in Ana, Tessa, and Mariah’s excitement about their video, but it still felt like just ‘giving them something to do’. However, just when I was wondering why Ana hasn’t dated anyone since she returned, boom, Devon hired Theo and Summer walked in to see him and Ana sharing a toast. I’m interested! Theo will be a great addition to Genoa City.

Battle of the highrise?

Victoria and Phyllis butting heads was fun, as expected; each giving as good as they got. Phyllis’ gathering (or ‘wake’ as Jack called it) at Adam’s penthouse also made for some deliciously snarky scenes, but it was back to feeling like Lauren and Michael were background players…hopefully there’s more coming up for them.

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