Deconstructing Y&R: Intriguing Developments Fuel Anticipation

June 17 - 21

Phyllis taunts Adam Young and Restless

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The Young and Restless continued to bring the showdowns and play the beats well in each storyline. There were more than a few intriguing developments that left me wondering what would happen next…I mean, Adam has a connection to someone from the Chancellor family? Juicy! I still have an issue with the powers that be going backward to readdress Delia’s death. If their intention is to have Chloe return and co-exist with Adam in Genoa City, I think it’s a stretch for a few reasons, but then again anything’s possible on a soap opera. Thoughts:

Dark and darker

In the last Deconstructing Y&R, the Newman clashes were intense and this week it was Michael who was involved in some verbal battles – first hollering at Kevin about his botched plot to exchange Phyllis for Chloe, and then with Adam when he put him on notice. It’s not only been great to see more of Michael; it’s also intriguing to think he might flirt with his darker tendencies again as he tangles with Adam. Not that I’d want him to get into trouble, but it would be cool to see Adam challenged in that department. Meanwhile, Lauren continued to focus on Jack’s lack of a life, which may have taken a turn as he connected with Mallory, (played by Wendy Benson Landes), though I feel she’s a fill-in until the powers that be actually start something with him and Lauren (still feel that’s a possibility) or even hook him back up with Phyllis (I truly hope not). With Michelle Stafford back at Young and Restless, and Nick being concerned about Phyllis’ disappearance, I think it’s more likely there will be a Phick reunion. In a poll of readers, the majority was against the pairing, though a healthy number also voted in favor of it.

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Custody battle

Nick is facing bigger problems than being single right now, namely the custody battle brewing with Adam, which was surprising to no one. The one thing I don’t understand is why Adam didn’t simply ask to visit with Christian and establish a connection with him first. Though I understand why he gets his back up with the other Newman siblings, who think the worst of him at all times, this makes Adam seem heartless and I’d like to be able to empathize with both points of view a little more. Adam, as a result of suing for custody, faced backlash from both Sharon and Victor (which made for a couple more excellent clash scenes), though he wasn’t on the outs with Sharon for long as she was back to offering to ‘listen’ the next day. He knows how to push her buttons. Anyway, I suspect Chelsea will return because of Nick’s call about the custody suit and get involved. readers voted overwhelmingly that Nick should keep custody of Christian in a recent poll. In other Newman related happenings, I was happy that Victor asked Victoria to be CEO, but it seemed almost too easy. If Nick joins her as COO it should make for some good material as they join forces against Adam.

Difference of opinion

Well, Mariah and Ana found a way to work together when it came to Tessa’s career and Devon was the one to throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings by poo-pooing their idea of the ‘Discover Tessa’ video. Of course, Devon was having a difficult day as it was the dedication for Neil, but he also had a different opinion. He’s found his groove as a businessman and is no longer so agreeable all the time. That said, I felt for Ana because she was so enthusiastic about the video and he didn’t even look at it before shutting the idea down. His later panic attack indicated his shortness with people may have been more about his grief. In any case, the issue with the music storyline remains that I wish I cared more about Tessa’s career. It’s just not something I feel invested in.

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No-nonsense Nate

I thoroughly enjoyed Nate not having patience for Abby’s tantrum over him refusing to break doctor/patient confidentiality and calling her out so that she had to apologize. After so many stories and love interests, she’s still such a wet noodle of a character at times…not at all what you expect of Victor and Ashley’s daughter. That said, she fits into the Kyle and Lola storyline fine; I got a kick out of her and ‘Groomzilla’ bickering about bridesmaid dresses. The bit with Lola’s engagement ring making the rounds of the restaurant was good too. The bride and groom remain adorable, but I’m looking forward to her mother, Celeste Rosales, arriving and creating some conflict. In Nate related commentary, his penthouse transaction with Adam was a hoot. Adam said he’d wire the money right away and Nate handed over the keys. Who moves houses that quickly? Meanwhile, Phyllis managed to get in there before Adam. Only in a soap opera! The Friday cliffhanger with Phyllis revealing Adam had a connection to a Chancellor family member in Vegas was delish. Chance? Phillip? Hmm…

On the fence

I’m really enjoying Traci’s novel with the period costumes and the way they talk; it’s fun. I loved the addition of Paul as ‘Carl’, which is, of course, Paul’s father’s name. As for Cane asking Traci on a date, I’m intrigued by the idea of the pairing, but still on the fence as to whether or not they share ‘that’ kind of chemistry even after seeing them together at Society. I saw Traci as a motherly figure to Cane and Lily, so transitioning to them as a romantic couple may just take time.

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