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Deconstructing Y&R: It’s time to take risks and mix it up to make magic

March 6 - 10

At risk of repeating the same sentiments from previous weeks of Deconstructing Y&R, the show is consistently delivering drama, but lacks any real excitement, or ‘magic’ if you will. While history and flashbacks are being used to great effect, the present day stories also need to be fascinating in their own right. There continues to be difficulties in identifying and developing couples with ‘wow’ factor, and there’s nothing happening that really has fans reacting in a big way – not even a truly controversial storyline to debate over. The writers need to mix it up and take some risks. Thoughts:

Scotty the hottie.
Those were amazing scenes with Lauren positively vibrating with fear for her son, I only wish we had been able to feel more connected to Scott as an audience so we could be involved beyond appreciating the acting. In the end, Victor came through – no surprise there – and Kevin ably navigated the ‘checkpoints’ in the Middle East and brought Scott home, with the only quirk in the proceedings being Scott’s odd, unexplained behavior before and after returning to Genoa City.

What’s next?
Jill’s storyline continued this week with anger directed toward Katherine (via her portrait), an unexpectedly enjoyable conversation with Devon, and Colin giving her ring back. Jill’s reaction to finally being able to wear Phillip’s ring on her finger was appreciably emotional, but I felt ready to move on at that point and return to story in the present day, which much to Colin’s chagrin didn’t involve forgiveness or a reunion…yet.

On repeat.
The Nick/Sharon/Chelsea/Faith scenario feels so ‘been there done that’. Nick embarks on yet another lukewarm romance and Faith manipulates because she wants him to be with her mother, so they ‘talk to Faith together’ and yada, yada. These characters need something fresh.

Don’t ruin Ravi.
The quirky fun of Ravi’s crush on Ashley came to a halt this week when he turned serious about why they can’t be together. Please. Ravi is an amazing addition to the cast, so hopefully they will redirect his character in such a way that we can continue to enjoy his unique charm rather than bog him down in a depressive state. Meanwhile, Marla Adams is returning as Dina Mergeron, Ashley’s mother, and who knows what catty Dina would have to say about Ash and Ravi? Could be interesting!

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Troubled waters.
While some of the goings-on with the GC Buzz gang felt ‘plotty’, there were entertaining moments, such as Hilary watching Devon for a reaction as she flirted with Jordan, which showed a hint of vulnerability as she had earlier commented that she hadn’t heard from her husband since he kissed her. After things went downhill at The Underground, Hilary confronting Devon about her need for closure and the ensuing push and pull as they struggled to figure it out and concluded their marriage was broken, was heartbreaking and genuinely moving. Though it seemed odd to give up on a marriage where there’s still so much love, the divorce left many viewers rooting for them to get back together. Some also hope Hilary will be pregnant with Devon’s child. Speaking of which, how bizarre was it that they cut out their lovemaking scene? As for the stuff at the bar involving Lily…some wondered why she wasn’t happier that Hilary was with someone other than Devon. Could she have been jealous?

Business blunder.
Speaking of Lily, her other half was off on business in Japan and got a bit too carried with the ‘bro hug’ that put the deal in jeopardy – ridiculous as no one hugs at business meetings anywhere. Later, Cane began drinking sake with Juliet, which seemed like another red flag. Some found the plot points surrounding Cane’s trip to Japan to be a stretch and reacted on Twitter:

Running off stage.
Open mic night was yet another instance of Victoria being portrayed as barely able to keep it together and disappointing her son, while Billy was smooth and supportive. Reed, meanwhile, was stinkin’ adorable and even made ‘mean girl’ Zoey likable this time around.

Friday notes.
The week closed out with a real snoozefest episode. Faith whined about her mother being alone, Nick went from third date to lake house living in less than 24 hours, and Scott and Lauren both managed to become annoying. Sharon’s response to Faith was a highlight, however, few wanted to see another attempt at making Chloe and Kevin ‘sexy’ or their Friday cliffhanger as Chelsea agonizing over a secret she’s already been keeping for months.

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– Candace Young


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