Deconstructing Y&R: Adam’s Shocking Return Stirs Dramatic Reactions

May 13 - 17

Adam returns to Genoa City on Young and Restless

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While the Young and Restless feels more like its classic self, when someone asks how I feel about the current storylines, I say they’re fine; I like some, but don’t love any of them. Again, Adam’s storyline has been the most compelling due to the drama his return created, though I was leery of it becoming ‘The Adam Show’. Thoughts:

Adam is alive

In last week’s Deconstructing Y&R, I was geared up for Adam’s return and the implications for the Newman clan, and his arrival in Genoa City didn’t disappoint as his siblings were suitably scandalized (how about that Abby situation?), and he even got shot his first week back! I’m torn as to whether or not he actually has amnesia, especially given the text he sent to someone letting them know everything was going smoothly. This could have just been an update to reassure Riza, but if Adam’s plotting, it’s going brilliantly as Victor made his prison sentence go away and no doubt plans to give him access to Newman Enterprises again. Either way it’s an opportunity for a reset of sorts given the recast. On the subject of Mark Grossman’s Adam being younger, there is definitely a feel that his age is a little off considering his backstory and all he’s been involved in, but it’s not a huge deal for me as the actor is a great fit in the role. That brings me to his chemistry with Sharon – I’m totally feeling it, but Melissa Claire Egan’s imminent return as Chelsea makes me hesitant to get excited about Shadam – what would be the point? Fans reacted to Adam’s return so far:

Who’s the father?

With Noemi Gonzalez’s exit from Young and Restless as Mia, that particular Rosales storyline tied up loose ends with Rey confirming Paul wouldn’t pursue charges against him or Mia, the hashing out of issues among Rey, Mia, and Arturo, establishing the plan for Mia and Arturo to return to Miami, and last but not least, the DNA test to determine paternity. I’d have found it weird if the baby was Rey’s given he’s staying in Genoa City, so wasn’t surprised Arturo was revealed as the dad. An overwhelming 67% of readers polled thought Arturo would be the father!

Watered down triangle

I’m mostly ambivalent about the Kyle/Lola/Summer triangle. I do like Lola and Kyle together, but they’re not ‘must-see’, and neither is Summer brooding/manipulating. There’s a nagging feeling that this could have been so much better, but it’s just so ‘meh’ with the characters watered down – even the snark is polite. As far as Lola and Kyle living together, unlike ‘Pursegate’, I was totally feeling Lola not wanting to move in to the Abbott mausoleum and have sex in a bedroom next to Jack’s (and Dina’s, and Traci’s, and Billy’s…) every night. I thought it was weird when Summer and Kyle lived upstairs instead of in the pool house where they’d have privacy. In related commentary, that friend of Kyle’s, Theo Vanderway, (played by Nic Luken and Tyler Johnson), could spice things up…more of him please!

Something different

I laughed out loud when Traci imagined Cane shirtless during their conversation and got all flustered – definitely fun. That said, I don’t see these two as a pair necessarily…perhaps because they started the story with her ‘mothering’ him (for lack of a better description), but I’m keeping an open mind and taking it as it comes. The bit with the characters in her novel appearing in black and white is cool too…something different. A majority of readers polled said ‘no way’ to the idea of them as a couple.

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Desperate times

Phyllis is storming around offices, homes and restaurants like a loose cannon and though she’s receiving good advice (to forget about revenge), it’s probably falling on deaf ears. Phyllis is feeling kind of desperate, so anything could happen. I’m wondering if her story will hold off on kicking into high gear until Michelle Stafford returns to Young and Restless.

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