Deconstructing Y&R: 20 Things to Know About Chelsea Newman’s History

May 24

Chelsea Lawson Newman collage Young and Restless

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With Melissa Claire Egan set to return to Young and Restless as Chelsea Lawson Newman, it’s the perfect time for a focused blog to refresh our memories about the character and her history with these nuggets of information readers may not have known, or may have forgotten:


Aliases Chelsea Lawson used include ‘Andy Walsh’, ‘Joan Archdale’, and ‘Alexandra West’.


Chelsea Lawson’s mother, Anita Lawson, also a con artist, was played by actress Catherine Bach, best known as Daisy Duke in the television series, Dukes of Hazzard.


Chelsea Lawson’s father was revealed to be Jeffrey Bardwell, a bookie and schemer, who was married to Kevin Fisher and Michael Baldwin’s mother, Gloria Fisher. He is played by Ted Shackelford of Dallas fame.


Chelsea Lawson is the biological mother of John ‘Johnny’ Abbott. She signed over her parental rights to his father, Billy Abbott, and Victoria Newman legally adopted him.


Johnny was conceived after Chelsea spiked Billy’s drink, then had sex with him in Myanmar. She showed up on his doorstep in Genoa City pregnant, accusing him of rape, and was later revealed to have been working with Victor.


When a pregnant Chelsea went through the ice on a cold lake, Adam Newman rescued her and delivered her baby.


Chelsea Lawson met Adam Newman at the Genoa City Athletic Club bar, where they commiserated over being town outcasts.

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Victor Newman offered Chelsea $10 million dollars to leave town after Johnny’s adoption went through, but having become lovers with Adam, she declined.


Adam Newman and Chelsea Lawson first became engaged after he proposed to her in the pouring rain.


Chelsea Lawson and Adam Newman were married in his late mother, Hope’s, farmhouse in Kansas.


Chelsea Newman conceived a baby with her new husband, but miscarried after Summer Newman drove into their car while driving distraught. They named the baby who died Riley.


Chelsea Newman became close friends with Chloe Mitchell, who convinced Chelsea they should start a design company together.


Chelsea and Adam Newman divorced after he became involved with helping Sharon after she burned down the ranch.


Chelsea Newman purchased the Restless Style building with the money from her divorce, and set up her business with Chloe and Gloria. They collaborated with Jabot Cosmetics as their fashion division.


Chelsea Newman realized she was pregnant by her ex-husband, but fearing Adam would take custody of her baby after it was born, she told her new lover, Dylan McAvoy, that he was the father.


Dylan McAvoy married Chelsea and delivered her baby, who was named after his father, Terry Connor McAvoy. When ‘Conner’ was diagnosed with a hereditary eye disease, Adam realized the child was his and the truth came out. Dylan took Connor during a PTSD episode, but he was safely handed over, and Adam had Chelsea and the boy move into his penthouse.


When Billy and Chloe’s daughter, Delia, was killed by a hit-and-run driver, Adam realized belatedly that he was the one who hit her in the dark, but kept it to himself. Chelsea and Adam’s son, Connor, received Delia’s corneas after her death and they remarried, but Adam later left Chelsea with a love note attached to a video confession that he had killed Delia.


Adam was presumed dead after a car wreck that occurred during a confrontation with a gun-toting Billy Abbott, and Chelsea then dealt with an unhinged Chloe kidnapping Connor and taking him to Paris. Billy found himself drawn to Chelsea and Connor, who had Delia’s corneas. They fell into an unlikely relationship and became engaged.


Adam, who had survived the car wreck and being shot by Billy, returned to Genoa City with a new face and going by the name Gabriel Bingham. Chelsea had sex with him, which ruined her planned wedding to Billy. Chelsea learned Gabriel was actually Adam and they reconciled, but it wasn’t to be an easy path. Chelsea discovered Adam had fathered Sage Warner’s son, Christian, though they kept it secret, and endured Adam going to prison after Victor framed him for murder. Chelsea was set to start a new life with Adam and Connor under assumed identities with Victor and Nikki’s help, when Chloe shot Adam with a tranquilizer dart and left him for dead in an explosion.


Chelsea Newman became involved with Adam’s half-brother, Nick Newman, who believed he was Christian’s father, and had taken on the responsibility of caring for Connor after Adam’s death. When it was revealed Chelsea was running a scheme to siphon cash through a fake Fenmore’s website, she fled town with the boys, but at the last minute returned Christian to Nick by leaving him on Victoria’s doorstep. Nick learned the truth Chelsea had kept from him – that Adam was Christian’s father – after she disappeared.

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