Deconstructing Y&R: Messy Mia Will Be Missed After May Sweeps

May 6 - 10

Mia messy Young and Restless

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The Young and the Restless was engaging this week, though the main story that has my attention is Adam’s return, which has a ton of potential for big drama. The dialogue and pace of scenes is spot on, but again, there’s nothing else happening storyline-wise that has me at ‘must tune in’ level excitement. Thoughts:

Drawn out tease

In last week’s Deconstructing Y&R, anticipation built for Adam’s return, and the tease stretched out even more as Sharon had a near miss with him in the park before actually coming face-to-face with him, but viewers were left hanging for a glimpse. This is probably the story I’m most geared up for right now, as the impact of Adam’s return will be felt by numerous characters on the canvas. Among the Friday cliffhanger teases was the fact that Adam held onto one photo – Christian’s – thus setting us up for a battle for custody between him and Nick. I’m optimistic this will bring top notch drama and that Mark Grossman will be a fit as Young and Restless’ NuAdam, given he’s good-looking but also has that sinister edge needed to depict Adam’s darker side.

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Confession and crisis

Summer had her nose out of joint on a few occasions as she tried to use work to maneuver Kyle into spending time with her and away from Lola, but he wouldn’t play into it. I’m still lukewarm at best on this triangle and was more intrigued by the loud Rosales drama going down at Society surrounding Lola finding out Mia attacked her. While everyone worried about who might call the cops, Mia caved under Paul’s questioning and confessed, followed by the not-at-all surprising medical crisis where the pregnant soap female doubles over in pain at a convenient stressful moment. Ha! Mia’s such a mess, I’m truly going to miss her when Noemi Gonzalez leaves Young and Restless.

Style advice

I’m still not sure what is going on with this stalker storyline and the stuff with Mariah butting heads with Ana over Tessa’s image just feels like a ‘minimal effort’ story to keep them onscreen. In other penthouse news, Devon kissed Elena in a vulnerable moment and she didn’t over-react but instead agreed to let him take her to dinner to make it up to her. It’s so easy between them…but I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or not.

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Keep on schemin’

Jack reminded me of why I dislike him with Phyllis when he informed her that he was giving her a ‘time out’. Ugh. Phyllis proceeded to connive and scheme as she tried to get her business off the ground and I had to laugh out loud when she called Ashley of all people with a proposition…but you never know, Ashley’s desire to one-up Jack might supersede her dislike of Phyllis. Guess we’ll see!

Private eye

Traci continued to write her novel with Cane and Lily as the inspiration for Flynn and Iris. I like the mood of the whole thing and the 1940s twist, but as for talk of whether Cane and Traci might get together – I don’t really know how to feel. I love a soap to take chances and ‘go’ where viewers don’t expect, but yeah… Check out some fan reaction, then vote in’s poll.

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