Deconstructing Y&R: Genoa City and Fans Say Farewell to Neil Winters

April 22 - 26

Neil Winters portrait on Young and Restless

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Young and the Restless kicked off the week with scenes surrounding Society’s grand opening and Summer and Kyle’s split, but we all knew the inevitable was coming and it would be time to say goodbye to Neil Winters. Thoughts:

Waffle stop

In last week’s Deconstructing Y&R, Summer believed she was fighting for true love, and maybe she’ll get Kyle to come around eventually, but for now he wants a divorce. What a relief to see him finally be honest and stop waffling. While some sympathized with Summer’s plight, I feel she went into this banking on being able to seduce Kyle into forgetting about Lola. She entered into a farce of a marriage knowing he was in love with Lola and wanted to save her life – Summer’s eyes were wide open. If Summer truly wanted to make Kyle fall back in love with her maybe she should have saved Lola’s life without expecting anything in return – the gesture would have gone a long way in making her look like a more mature, caring and ‘changed’ person. Though Josh Griffith has done a good job of showing Summer’s vulnerabilities, she’s still manipulating and on course to stalk Kyle just as she did Billy. I can deal with soapy manipulating but the stalking bit is off-putting.

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Back in the saddle

Victor returned to Genoa City and dropped by Victoria’s house to discuss Vegas before heading to the office for the night – no time for Abby’s big opening night and no interest in going home after Nikki’s nasty voicemail it seemed. Too funny.

Life changing

Cane was way too much with his insistence on Lily spending the night at the house one last time and attending the Society opening together, but after Neil’s passing came to light, it seemed right that he should be the one comforting Lily. It’s anyone’s guess now if she’ll stick to her plans for a fresh start. I suspect losing her dad will change things.

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While the opening of Society was fun and had a few surprises, such as Ashley and Jack trying to one-up each other and Nate taking an interest in Abby, I spent much of it bracing for the inevitable. It happened when Devon went looking for Neil at the penthouse and discovered he had passed away. The ensuing scenes unfolded with no words spoken, which I thought was quite powerful. I started crying then and continued to sob my way through recapping the next few episodes, each bringing their own series of heartbreaking moments. What made it especially painful to watch was knowing the actors weren’t acting but allowing us to witness their grief over losing Kristoff St. John even as they spoke about Neil. There are no words…but I do thank them and Josh Griffith and Anthony Morina for allowing us the opportunity to grieve along with them as we said farewell to the unforgettable Neil Winters. It was the best send-off I’ve ever seen on soaps, and all that it should have been given the circumstances. I’m sure Monday’s tribute to Kristoff St. John will be no less emotional. Fans reacted to the episodes surrounding Neil’s sudden death:

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