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Deconstructing Y&R: Summer & Kyle Sex Creates Soapy Potential

March 11 - 15

Kyle and Summer have sex while Lola's alone on Young and the Restless

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The Young and the Restless delivered on drama and emotion, as it has been doing, but holes in the plot and questionable character behavior remained an issue in some storylines. Thoughts:

Maximum sentence

In last week’s Deconstructing Y&R, key players were missing in the courtroom drama, and while Victor made a couple of appearances in the holding room, it was ridiculous he wasn’t called to testify, nor was Paul, who was leading the investigation even after Rey arrived in Genoa City. The glaring absences continued with Noah and Faith. There’s no way Noah wouldn’t be there for Sharon, and Faith was relegated to ‘mentions’. Christine’s over-the-top push for a maximum sentence resulted in big drama when the verdict came in, but again, left me (and others) feeling as though Mal Young hadn’t done his homework on the character’s history.

Despite the emotional pleas from the character witnesses, the sentences were predictably harsh, thus setting the scene for something huge to occur to get the convictions thrown out. The ‘goodbye’ visits were moving, particularly Victoria breaking down, though Nick flipping back to acting like Sharon’s protector warranted an eyeroll, and Billy’s devotion to Victoria still didn’t make me want them romantically involved. Victoria lashing out at Phyllis made for a riveting scene though it was a stretch to yell at her for convincing them not to call the police – they have to own that decision. It’s understandable the women being angry that Phyllis cut a deal and gave Christine physical evidence, and also being upset with Sharon for confessing to Rey.

Awaiting a reveal

Phyllis confided in Kerry this week, and her trust in her will likely prove to be her undoing at Jabot unless she’s got some sixth sense about her and is being purposely misleading. It looks like Jack will also get screwed over, and where that leaves Jabot is a question that likely won’t be answered until we learn who is working with Kerry Johnson in this scheme. I figure it’s Ashley, and wonder if Traci’s upcoming return will also tie-in.

I’m in

The good news about the Summer/Kyle/Lola situation is that it has me feeling things. I felt terrible for Kyle and Lola, as I really did like them together aside from the swerves Mal Young wrote for her character to give them conflict, yet couldn’t help but wonder why sly as a fox Kyle was going along so willingly with the plan to marry Summer, and even suggested it. I didn’t like Summer getting her way (though it’s soapy), and relished Abby calling her out. Mariah’s reaction to the wedding news was also satisfying. On the other hand, it was about time Kyle got to have sex on this show, so that prospect was appealing…and when Summer finally showed that teeny bit of vulnerability I’d been looking for in the newlywed suite, lo and behold, I was drawn into the moment (along with Kyle). That said, it was quite a pivot from ‘no husbandly duties’ and Lola was staring at the phone in the hospital alone while Kyle was making love to Summer…sigh. So, basically, I’m all over the place on this, which is a good thing as it signals oodles of potential.

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Cash me outside

Ana’s push for money had her churning out the songs but caused Devon to become suspicious. Devon learned she didn’t have any on-the-record debt and confronted her, but Ana stormed out – even more suspicious – particularly since she’s been all about Devon opening up to her, so why not reciprocate? I’ve no idea what Ana’s hiding and look forward to being as shocked as Devon…hopefully it’s the beginning of a good storyline.

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