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Deconstructing Y&R: Nikki’s Incredible Walk Down Memory Lane Wins Week

February 18 - 22

nikki writes letter

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The Young and the Restless February sweeps continued with tense drama at the police station and hospital. Of course, the best scenes of the week came in Nikki’s special episode as she flashed through her life story while writing to her grandchildren. Thoughts:


In last week’s Deconstructing Young and the Restless, Valentine’s Day had more drama than romance with the result being Lola hospitalized in a coma after Mia attacked her, believing she was Abby. I love how big a mess this is going to be for the Rosales family when the truth comes out and I’m good with the finger being pointed at the ever-obnoxious Summer as well. It remains to be seen if Josh Griffith will have a different take on ‘Supergirl’ but under Mal Young she has essentially been operating without a conscience and with murky motivations, which has made it difficult to connect with the character – even when she declared her love for Kyle I didn’t believe it; she just wants what she wants. Kyle’s tension with Arturo and the emotional scenes at Lola’s beside were a treat as Michael Mealor has settled into his role and is showing his range. I was disappointed Abby didn’t reel Arturo in when he banned Kyle from the hospital – she needs to do more than just stomp, gape, and shake her head. Meanwhile, Devon and Ana visited Lola, and Devon’s line, ‘please don’t leave us’, took us instantly back to Hilary’s bedside and the heart-wrenching pain of his loss. As for Rey ‘going rogue’ and getting his hands on Lola’s file, this felt rather ‘dumbed-down’ as he failed to take into account the physical evidence found at the crime scene – including his wife’s earring.

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Rolling over

The irony of Phyllis having to cut a deal with Christine, and of Christine having to cut a deal with Phyllis for that matter, wasn’t lost on longtime viewers, and made for some excellent taut scenes as they sparred nose-to-nose. While Phyllis is going to be none-too-popular for the move she’s made, particularly given that she’s been ride-or-die on their pact, it’s fair to note that Nikki was the first to cough up her own version of the events that night, and Sharon then spilled her guts to Rey in a moment of loved-up weakness, which landed the rest of them in holding cells. From a drama perspective, Phyllis’ move is a boon, as it will cause a rift with her and Nick, as well as bring Phyllis and Victor’s animosity back to the forefront. Moreover, since Phyllis is the CEO of Jabot, her involvement in this has ramifications there as well, as the Abbotts would be crazy not to use it to try and have the board remove her from her position. That type of power move could then cause tension with Jack and Kerry, who may fall on opposite sides of the matter. In related commentary, Sharon brought in Brittany Hodges as her lawyer, which was a curious choice given Brittany’s history with JT…which, disappointingly but not surprisingly, was completely ignored.

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Her life story

Nikki’s special episode was deliciousness from beginning to end. The nostalgia of the oldest scenes was irresistible for longtime viewers like myself, who were transported instantly back to the good old days with Nikki’s sister Casey Reed (one of my all-time favorite characters!), Greg Foster, the Bayou, and Colonel Douglas Austin among others. Who could resist the scenes with younger versions of Paul and Katherine? What about that scene with Nikki and Neil, so soon after the loss of Kristoff St. John? Nikki certainly had her fair share of trials, tribulations, and husbands. It was also interesting to see the changes in the show over the years, and not just in hairstyles and clothing; I absolutely loved the melodrama of that scene where Nikki reacted to Victor appearing behind her, very much alive, while she mourned at his grave – Melody Thomas Scott is such a committed actress. Congratulations to her, and as a fan, many thanks to Y&R for the walk down memory lane.

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