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Deconstructing Y&R: Katie’s Chilling Disappearance Boosts Anticipation

January 28 - February 1

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I’ve found Y&R more boring recently, and there’s not a lot going on that has me full of anticipation or rooting for any particular outcome, however, some scenes and plot points have still grabbed the attention. How about that creepy stuff going on at the ranch with Katie? I really want to know who is lurking! Thoughts:

Messy Mia

In last week’s Deconstructing Y&R, the Rosales resentment increased with the vow renewal and proposal, and without missing a beat we went straight into an engagement dinner for Abby and Arturo where Mia proceeded to get drunk and make a speech. While this could have been messy goodness, she continued to come across as too bitter to be fun. Additionally, it seemed ridiculous that Rey wouldn’t question Mia being so upset about his brother’s engagement given they had an affair and he was her first love, but he’s determined to be oblivious. I also didn’t know what to make of Mia’s dark fantasy about cutting Abby’s hair off…I was kind of wishing she’d do it just because the soap’s been so boring! Anyway, thankfully we saw some vulnerability from Mia later in the week as she explained herself to Arturo and broke down a little bit on Phyllis, but I felt the conversation foreshadowed Mia making more trouble despite her best efforts not to.

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Switching gears back to the engagement dinner, it was thrown by Jack, who found himself very pissed off at Kerry and very surprised to find a syringe in her purse. He went on to create quite a bit of drama by assuming she’d want to have a child with him after learning the syringe was for hormone shots to freeze her eggs, and they briefly split, only to decide they should keep seeing one another after all. I have questions. How does Kerry getting hormone shots to freeze her eggs explain her constantly leaving the room for texts and calls, and more importantly, why is Kerry willing to date someone who was rifling through her handbag? Jack’s presumptuous behavior all around has been off-putting, and I still feel like there’s more going on with Kerry.

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Welp, Summer came back and for all her insistence that she was more mature and respecting boundaries there was precious little evidence of it. She used Fen to try and get Kyle’s attention, which didn’t offend me because he’d been a self-absorbed jerk letting Ana do all the work while he bragged about his phone blowing up, and informed Nick and Phyllis she was moving in without asking permission. It seems Ana’s got a thing for Fen, given how irked she was about him going out with Summer, and Summer’s continued interest in Kyle wasn’t lost on him or Lola. I figure their days are numbered. In related commentary, the Kyle and Fen photo shoot snarking was a bit of fun.


One of the scenes that caught my interest was Phyllis and Billy agreeing to work together without ripping each other apart…when the chemistry in the room was actually saying ‘without ripping each other’s clothes off’. Whew. Anyway, Billy had hit a roadblock with Victoria, who didn’t want to deal with him, and learned that Summer was back, but that was the least of his concerns when he got a call that Katie had disappeared. As if it wasn’t creepy enough that she’d been playing with an imaginary friend and we’d seen a shadow lurking around the ranch…after Katie went missing, she could be heard singing in the walls! I’m ready for the lurker to be revealed…can’t think who it is, but it must be someone Katie doesn’t know, or doesn’t know well, or she’d have referred to them by name one would think. Fans reacted to Katie’s disappearance:

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