Deconstructing Y&R: Vow Renewal Jacks up Rosales Resentment

January 21 - 25

mia rey vow renewal

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Y&R has plot points that don’t make much sense or just aren’t appealing, however, some of the drama involving core characters was still drawing me in. Thoughts:


In last week’s Deconstructing Y&R, Billy catching Cane and Victoria kissing was messy and things only got messier as Billy decided to hit back by telling Cane’s wife what he’d got up to. Probably not a good idea given that she is trying to survive prison right now, but it definitely upped the drama factor as it led to Cane punching Billy in the mouth (or nose, not sure because he had no sign of it later). Of course, many pointed out it was not Billy’s place to tell Lily – the irony being he’d just lectured Phyllis last week for the same thing – and interestingly, Billy ended up talking to Phyllis about the situation in the end. Those two! Meanwhile, Sharon gave Victoria some advice, in what were some solid scenes, and who knows what Cane’s fate will be when he finally sees Lily. I was feeling Neil and Devon’s frustration with him, as I don’t think there was a strong enough case made for Cane’s ‘suffering’ so that viewers could sympathize with him on this one. As for Billy, he was over-the-top with his outrage considering Victoria had warned him she was leery about getting back together even before she knew he’d actually wanted to reconcile with Phyllis. Cane and Victoria agreed to keep their distance, which usually means they won’t, but whether anything comes of it remains to be seen.

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Red herring

In new JT murder nuggets, Phyllis revealed she’d never thrown the fire poker in the lake. This wasn’t entirely surprising to me, as I figured she’d say that…hence leading the Newmans to believe she was the one setting them up, when she’s actually not. Just another twist in this nearly year-long tale. Phyllis and Nick’s relationship could be a casualty here, but maybe not as she was able to talk circles around him when confronted. She not only called him out on his hypocrisy, but distracted him with the bombshell that Sharon was also involved and lying to him. I enjoy these juicy little reveals – keep ’em coming until this is all out and over with!

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Too much, too soon

It was a miss to have a Rey and Mia wedding vow renewal as there are just not enough fans invested in these new characters that care. A lot of viewers posted along these lines:

But this tweet made me laugh out loud:

The whole drama surrounding Mia not knowing who she wants, and Mia and Arturo playing games with renewals and proposals is soapy, but it would have had more impact with characters that have a longer history with viewers. I like Mia, but was put off by her envying Abby’s engagement ring when Rey gave her the more modest necklace. Of course, Arturo proposing at their ceremony was also bad form. While the Rosales family members have merit to me, Mal Young should have let them ‘steep’ for a while before trying to make them main players, which has only caused resentment. Moreover, tactics such as having Devon compare Mia to Hilary feel like a ‘sell’ job. The viewers should be making those comparisons themselves, if warranted, not having to be told in the script.

That’s just annoying

Ana came clean to Devon about being the mysterious songwriter this week, which was a relief because it was such an annoying plot point. However, it felt anti-climactic, like there must still be more we don’t know or aren’t getting. Devon would never cheat her, and she acknowledged that, so why keep it a secret from him? I can only guess that this person who stole music from her is going to appear and make trouble…otherwise it’s another short-lived ‘non’ story. In related commentary, I loved Ana singing and Devon tearing up. Getting back to my point about annoying plots, I’m going to lump the Jack and Kerry ‘weird behavior and lies’ story in that category as well. The story is making this very experienced man seem clingy and foolish. They’ve had some moments when they’re connecting, but on the whole I could leave this.

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