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Deconstructing Y&R: Mia’s Party Was so Wrong, yet so Right

December 3 - 7

Mia Sharon party

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While some Y&R storylines are playing out over months, other plot developments, storyline swerves, departures, and partner switches etc. have all but given me whiplash. Thoughts:


In last week’s Deconstructing Y&R, Devon’s downward spiral felt rushed as it happened over a matter of days and largely offscreen. Likewise, Shauna was promptly escorted off the canvas as Ana was brought in. Ana blended in nicely to the storyline and wasted no time in getting Devon off to see a therapist; her heartfelt talk with Devon, and Devon’s lengthier scenes in therapy, were very well done. Still, he spiraled and got help in the space of two weeks, which left me wondering what direction the head writer will go with Devon and his family next.

Twist #856

Rey’s been all about work lately, and though he had some new evidence from the stable fire that was a bit shocking and curious, his routine with the Newman family is getting old. It would seem someone is going to great lengths either to throw Rey off or to scare the women into giving themselves up. I’m all for a good mystery, but this is taking a long time. With Tessa being abducted from her doorstep, it had me wondering if Victoria was behind it, or maybe the person who started the stable fire. It also made me think Mariah will be so worried about Tessa, she’ll forget about breaking up with her. Again, loved the scenes with Kyle and Mariah, whose connection feels so authentic – their scenes are always entertaining.

Back in town

Fenmore showed up in Genoa City, and after surprising his parents with the bombshell news he was dropping law in favor of a career in music, he was soon in the mix with Lola, Kyle, and Mariah. Kyle doesn’t like Fen much more that Mariah liked Summer, so it’s a variation on a similar theme, and possibly another roadblock for Kyle and Lola. Though Lola doesn’t seem Fenmore’s type, as he mentioned just wanting a good time, and she’s relatively serious-minded, he irks Kyle to a degree that seems like it could be fun. I hope Fen’s return means we get to see more of Lauren and Michael…and not just in cameos to complain about their son’s choices.

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After working together successfully on that pitch for work and oozing chemistry, Billy and Phyllis seemed closer again; he even got protective when he spotted Nick going to a suite with a different redhead, Rebekah Barlow, (played by Jennifer Taylor), who, by the way, might make a nice addition to the cast if it wasn’t already busting with new faces. When Billy paid Phyllis a visit to rat on Nick, Billy having sex with Summer came up – at least it was acknowledged after being so weirdly downplayed – and he ended up going on his way after the candid conversation. So, while a Philly reunion might be in the cards, it seems it won’t be any time soon, which is probably wise given that Phyllis and Nick already moved in together crazy quick.

Wasn’t that a party

Mia’s party scenes ranked among my favorites of the week, although the premise was a tad bizarre. Given that Mia’s from another state, it’s questionable she would even know about these executives from Genoa City, let alone be gushing over them. Moreover, why would these women have agreed to attend this odd business party in an apartment? And why would Mia invite some only to insult them? Not a good look when you’re networking, just saying… Yet with all of that noted, the snarking among the women who had issues with one another made for truly soapy goodness – there were some real zingers, especially between Abby and Mia, and Sharon and Mia. Viewers were torn between loving it, hating it, and just being stumped:

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