Deconstructing Y&R: Victoria Channeling Victor Wins Thanksgiving

November 19 - 23

victoria wins thanksgiving

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I’m feeling a little cynical about Y&R this week as it seems Mal Young has gone a tad too far from the familiar in trying to fix or change something that wasn’t broken. Soap fans tune in to see the ongoing, character-driven drama with favorites and core families. With all the new faces, fast-moving drama designed for impact, but not to make sense or have follow-up, and the revamping of characters like Nick we’ve known for eons, it’s been a lot for viewers. As noted in the last Deconstructing Y&R, it’s often engaging, yet out of whack. Thoughts:

Both sides of the fence

The Rosales drama continued this week with numerous arguments, and Mia playing both sides of the fence with the brothers. She’s won fans by stirring things up, and while I can appreciate that aspect, and it’s amusing, I need something more to understand these brothers being so into her that they’d destroy their relationship over her. Moreover, I need more of a reason to care. I was feeling a vibe with Sharon and Rey, but now am less interested in seeing her involved in yet another triangle. Abby is perpetually the weak link, and now it appears from the end of episode teaser that Lola, who has been assertive with Kyle all along, will out-of-nowhere have an aversion to sex. I’m tired.

Warp speed

Well, Phyllis moved in with Nick, and aside from the debate about whether or not they share great chemistry, the whole ‘warp speed’ thing is a misstep for me. I’ve been somewhat on board due to their history…it at least made sense to me…but with Nick also playing out this charade of being a hardass business magnate type, and all the corny references to them being a ‘power couple’ (we get it!), it’s all become a bit forced and surreal. I did enjoy the snarky interaction between Nick and Billy at Victoria’s place, though it was suspect that she’d even invite him for Thanksgiving after he impersonated her abusive ex.

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Spring line

The Abbott Thanksgiving was a port in a storm, so to speak, and I loved the brotherly exchange between Jack and Billy, though I remain on the fence with Jack pursuing yet another younger woman, and Kerry herself continues to be dry – too cool and proper to be especially appealing. It was a nice touch to have a missive from Ashley warning of a spring line, though I’ve no doubt Kerry will rise to the challenge of getting the new Jabot products out by spring given how they’re pushing her.

Feeling their pain

This week I was able to feel Devon’s pain, as well as Mariah’s, as she had to pretend to forgive someone she’d lost faith in, and play happy couples. I got a giggle out of Nate chastising Devon for his loud music – could the guy get more uptight? But clearly there’s a developing issue, which will play into the return of Devon’s sister, Ana Hamilton. As for Mariah, she found a reason to go out of town, which worked out perfectly for Victoria and Sharon’s plan. Victoria laid in wait for Tessa at her apartment and thrilled many by channeling her father. This was a great cliffhanger to end on, I just hope we’ll see the follow through.

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