Deconstructing Y&R: Everything’s Coming up Rosales

November 12 -16

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I’m in a weird place with the show right now because what I’m watching is not lacking in entertainment value or solid acting, but it increasingly feels like another universe from the Y&R I know so well. Thoughts:


The scenes with Mariah confronting Tessa about hiding the cash and then lying about it were explosive, and I truly felt for Mariah having taken the leap of faith of initiating moving in together only to be immediately let down. Given Tessa’s confessions, it will certainly be interesting to see if this couple will manage to stay together, and if so, whether trust issues will hamper their relationship moving forward. Happily, now that Mariah knows about JT, and that Sharon’s involved, it will propel that storyline forward. As noted in the last Deconstructing Y&R, the sense of high stakes was lost as it dragged on.

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Jabot launch

The scene was set for maximum tension at the Jabot launch and it did not disappoint as Nick and Phyllis debuted as a ‘power couple’ (please stop having Phyllis say this out loud – show don’t tell!) and he later asked her to move in (fast!), and Billy and Sharon appeared together to irritate them. I love a good gathering chock full of soapy interactions, and this one had characters criss-crossing paths galore. We had Jack pursuing Kerry (on the fence about this), Summer back to her whiny, moany former self after she unsuccessfully tried to lure Kyle away from Lola – Kyle’s responses were very satisfying, I have to say, Jack reaching out to Devon (who’s pain later touched me so much), and of course the other Rosales drama, which I’ll address separately. Phyllis, after speaking to Jack, did the ‘right thing’ and gave Billy credit for the Jaboutiques concept, which could possibly bump the tension down between them a teeny notch, and Nick definitely noticed Sharon with Billy, and also questioned her about Rey. Though Sharon and Billy stopped short of taking their night to another level at her place after the event, some saw chemistry/potential and spoke out. Let know who you’d like to see Sharon paired with by voting in the poll at the end of the blog.

My brother’s wife

As suspected, Arturo was the person who came between Rey and Mia, and while it was a good cliffhanger for Abby to overhear the nugget about her boyfriend’s past, there are a few issues. First, Abby should understand exactly how someone can end up having sex with a family member’s significant other – why so shocked and disappointed? Second, Mia seems like such a mismatch type for Rey that wondering why he married such a brash woman has repeatedly taken me out of the moment…I should be able to see/feel it and I don’t. Third, though I’ve been enjoying the Rosales family, with the arrival of Mia they’ve suddenly become front-burner to a point that I’d imagine will have some long-term viewers bristling. While there’s a lot of compelling elements in this story – Lola’s dislike for Mia, for example – and it’s a messy family drama, it’s still early days for these characters’ scenes to be dominating an episode.

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