Deconstructing Y&R: From classic to comic to cheese; anything goes

January 16 - 19


Everything moved at a good pace on “Y&R” this week, and there were plenty of entertaining scenes interspersed with the not-as-compelling offerings. Thoughts:

Camera ready.
There isn’t much to like at Brash & Sassy these days, but it was amazing to see Lily back in her element modeling. I think it will be an interesting way to go with the character, who is due for a storyline.

Dippy drama.
As noted in the last Deconstructing Y&R, Dylan’s undercover storyline is a ‘B’ movie cheesefest that also seems to be taking place in a different decade. It’s barely believable that Sharon would try to contact her husband knowing she could jeopardize an undercover mission/blow his cover. Shades of Pratt. The saving grace has been the acting – Steve Burton showing Dylan’s inner struggles, Doug Davidson when Paul goes ballistic, etc.

In any case, after whatever is going to happen to Dylan happens, it will be an uncertain future for Sharon. Could Nick and Sharon reconcile?

Ravi’s world.
Lately some of my favorite scenes have involved Ravi, and the development of Ashley and Phyllis butting heads over him was no exception. Not only was the dynamic between these two strong women amazing to watch, but also Ravi’s expressions and comments were pure gold. More!

Girl power.
Lauren and Phyllis’ friendship and business relationship is another dynamic that is working very well. I’m absolutely rooting for them to succeed, but also love that Gloria is sniffing around trying to throw a monkey wrench into Lauren’s plans. Michael confronting his mother and deleting Craig’s number out of her phone was hilarious. Here’s hoping if Gloria manages to scuttle this deal that Eric Forrester will come to Genoa City to help Lauren.

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Pooper party.
Usually I love a good gathering on a soap, but Victor’s ‘family party’ was kind of a dud. Aside from re-establishing Nick and Chelsea as friends, and providing a venue for Reed to get drunk and connect with Noah, it was kind of pointless. Reed was still weaving by the time he got home and argued with his mother about open mic night, and yet she didn’t smell the fumes coming off of him? Some wondered how he got through the whole night with no one realizing that he’d spiked his drinks.

Devon’s decision.
Well, everything was coming up roses for Hilary and Devon, they were even planning to have a baby, which was a sure sign that disaster was imminent. When Mariah and Hilary made nice at GC Buzz, Mariah decided to issue an apology to Devon, which led to his memories coming back. It was a surprise for Devon to learn the truth this way what with so many family members chomping at the bit to tell him. In any case, he was strong enough to handle it and made no bones about throwing Hilary out. It’s still a stretch that after giving her a pass for blackmailing Ashley when she was dying, he would decide she was ‘evil’ after tripping someone, but it is what it is. Couples need to have conflict on soaps, and this will be their hurdle to overcome.

Reminder: Y&R is pre-empted for the 2017 Presidential Inauguration

Thursday notes.
There were numerous nuggets of soapy goodness in this episode…Michael’s amusement at Kevin’s misery over having Gloria at his place, Michael advising Phyllis, Paul softening toward Sharon after showing up to read her the riot act, Ashley choking when Ravi assumed Glo was Jack’s ex-wife, Phyllis walking in to see Glo and Jack with their heads together, Sharon’s fear contrasted with Dylan’s increasingly dangerous circumstances, and Devon staying cool before finally revealing he knew the truth and confronting Hilary in classic soap fashion complete with scotch-swilling and glass-smashing.

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– Candace Young


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