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Deconstructing Y&R: Nick’s courtroom drama stirs up controversy

November 28 – December 2:

Well, “Y&R” continued to have issues, with characters behaving hypocritically, and in some cases idiotically, and others just being completely altered to suit plots. That’s not to say there wasn’t some drama – the courtroom outbursts and Victoria throwing Travis out on his butt both ‘delivered’ in that respect. Thoughts:

Restraining order.
If only viewers could take out a protective order against this baby storyline. The characters involved have hit dizzying heights of hypocrisy and idiocy as this continues to play out. On the positive side, the drama over visitation rights, the secret visit, and the restraining order did provide some ‘soapy’ scenes and definitely stirred up even more controversy. Fans were going off on Nick, Sharon, Dylan, Nikki, and Chelsea for any number of reasons!

Coming clean.
Fresh off run-in #498,757 with his mother, Billy made the mind-boggling decision to accost Victoria outside of Nick’s hearing, of all places, to blurt out that Travis had cheated on her. The expected ensued as Travis and Victoria ended up having it out in their living room, and Travis’ character assassination/fate was sealed by having him throw Stitch up in her face. What to even say? Regardless of where you stand on it, Victoria’s reaction was entertaining, as she stormed upstairs, threw his clothes at him and told him to have his sorry ass gone by the time she returned. Yes it made for a scene of soapy goodness, but the bottom line is that what could have been ‘something’ was inexplicably written down the drain. What was the point?

Moving on.
In other news, Jack’s stint feeding the homeless made him realize he’d become a person he didn’t like, and so he wants to soften again and return to the foundation. Meh. Other than being snarky to Phyllis and his ill-fated attempt to screw Victor over via GC Buzz, what did he really do that was so unlikable? He didn’t even try to get revenge on Jill as promised. Anyway, he maintained his stance on not getting back together with Phyllis, which she sees as a challenge…nothing new there.

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Gossip girl.
As mentioned in the last Deconstructing “Y&R,” the GC Buzz situation continues to be unappealing, as Hilary keeps pushing the envelope, and Devon continues reprimanding his wife and defending Mariah repetitively. It occurred to me to wonder why Hilary even wants this job as a paparazzi reporter when she was intent on doing much bigger things before, and they’ve got the money for her to do whatever she likes. Why put herself through this endless cycle of frustration? As with Cane at Brash & Sassy, she’s just been dropped into this situation for the sake of plot with no explanation as to what’s driving her. Some have been speculating that this is all leading to a Devon/Mariah pairing, but with Sally Sussman’s writing coming up, who knows what will happen?

Odds and ends.
Cane’s spiraling down the ‘Soap 101’ painkiller addiction trail, and got a sexy new physiotherapist. Bad combo… So good to see Michael back in court, and by the way, can we keep that fierce Leslie around for good?

Friday notes.
So Sharon’s set to divorce Dylan, who won’t allow it anyway…dumb. Even dumber? That Leah, who had babysat Christian when he was Sully didn’t know about his severe food allergies. Nonetheless, Christian’s in crisis, Sharon and Dylan are about to violate their restraining order and the blame game will then kick in. Bleh. Meanwhile, Nick and Chelsea patched up their friendship, and Chloe’s moving in with Kevin. Zzz. Over at GC Buzz, Hilary edited Dylan’s interview to make it sound like he said the opposite of what he actually said. Hil’s a smart woman; she knows this won’t fly, so why would she even do it? I’ll be glad to see the end of characters behaving stupidly or out-of-character to enable plot points once the new writing begins. Here’s hoping!

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– Candace Young


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